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Dario Inocencio (ダリオ・イノセンシオ Dario Inosenshio?) was a highly esteemed merchant from Wall Sheena. He bought Kuklo for his son, Xavi, to abuse as a means to build his confidence. He also planned to marry off his daughter Sharle.


Dario was a man with a large build and had short dark-colored hair that connected and formed into a full mustache and beard. He was a well-dressed man, usually wearing suits and ties befitting of his social status. When traveling outdoors, he often wore a dark hat with a light colored band, and a long smooth cape with dark colored fur around the neck.


He was a greedy, avaricious and possessive entrepreneur who saw everyone, even his own family, as nothing more than tools for his own wealth.


Dario was the head of the Inocencio household and would have two children, Xavi and Sharle with his wife. At some point after his daughter was born, Dario's wife would pass away due to unknown circumstances. Dario had high expectations for both his two children, and began to find ways to improve his social standing and wealth.


The Titan's Son arc

Dario purchases kuklo

Dario finalizes the purchase of Kuklo

After hearing about the rumored Titan Child born from a woman eaten by an invading Titan, Dario was intrigued and decided that he would purchase it as a means to train his son and also to prepare him for any conflicts he may face in the military. He is led down to Kuklo's cell by the boy's owner and is initially disappointed at the sight of "some brat." He eventually changes his mind and agrees to purchase him from the man as a slave.[1]

Roughly a week before Kuklo arrives, Dario allows both his children to attend a social event with the Diekmeier family that is hosted by their son Abel. He soon after hears that Xavi bested and threatened him during a duel. Dario scolds Xavi for letting his temper get the best of him, but admires the fact Xavi is spirited; he has high hopes for Xavi and confidently believes his son to be fully capable of leading the entire Military Police Brigade someday.[2] The day Kuklo arrives, Dario presents him to Xavi as a gift, stating that the "Titan's child is an investment" for him to get stronger. As Xavi kicks and beats Kuklo, Dario is seen smiling proudly. Over the course of many years, the man leads many people to gawk and ridicule Kuklo both while he was being abused and as he lay alone in his cell. Soon afterwards, Dario took his two children to the top of Wall Maria to show them the threat Titans pose to humanity.[3]

Dario's death

Dario is found dead by Kuklo

Two years pass and, to Dario's pleasure, Xavi manages to get strong enough and is able to join the Training Corps.[4] As he revels in his son's success, both father and son discuss what to do about Kuklo; when Xavi notes that he cannot bring any possessions with him once he joins the military, Dario decides to just sell him off. He notes there are many who would be interested in buying Kuklo, increasing his wealth and lavish lifestyle. Dario then notices Sharle is not her usual self and wonders why; he shortly brushes this aside and mentions she will be busy as well due to her arranged marriage.[5]

A few days later, Kuklo is set free by members of the Titan Cult who mention that the ones who imprisoned him are being given an appropriate punishment. He runs into the main house and finds Dario dead in the master bedroom with a sword run through his chest.[6]


  • Xavi Inocencio - Dario's son and the oldest of his two children. Although Dario was seen to be proud of his son getting stronger and eventually accepted into the Training Corps, he was presumably just used as another means to spread the man's influence in the military.
  • Sharle Inocencio - Dario's daughter, and the youngest of his two children. Also seen as nothing but a means to further his own influence, Dario seemed to care very little about his daughter. He had arraigned to have her married off to a political official not long before he died. However, Kuklo stated that Dario had Sharle's knife made just for her, implying that he cared at least a bit for his daughter's safety and well-being.
  • Kuklo - Dario had a very poor (if any) relationship with Kuklo. Seen only as an investment towards his son, he reveled at the sight of Kuklo being beaten almost daily. Dario also immediately decided to sell Kuklo off once more once Xavi had joined the Training Corps, highlighting how little he thought of the boy.


  • His surname is of Spanish origin and means "innocent," which is ironic considering his cruel personality.
  • "Dario" has a Latin origin and is roughly translated as "the one who possesses the good," further emphasizing that irony.