Dauper (ダウパー村 Daupā-mura?) is a remote, scarcely populated village of hunters located in a mountain forest in the southern area of Wall Rose.

Dauper is the hometown of Sasha Blouse and her father.


After the fall of Wall Maria, Dauper began suffering from food shortages as the influx of refugees led to more people settling in the area than what could be supported by hunting. As a result, some began to feel that they should cease their ancestral practice of hunting in favor of growing crops, which is a more efficient way of producing food. The capital also offered to pay them if they would begin breeding horses. Mr. Blouse was one of the people who adopted this view, stating that humans should work together for the benefit of all. Sasha, in contrast, resented the thought of outsiders forcing them to give up their traditional lifestyle. This conflict between the two led to Sasha leaving home and joining the Military.[1]


Clash of the Titans arc

When Titans unexpectedly appear within Wall Rose, Mike Zacharias splits the rookies under his supervision into four groups and sends them to warn the nearby villages. Sasha, assigned to the north squad, is headed in the direction of Dauper. She encounters a new village, built in the area within the last three years, that is under attack by Titans. After saving a child who was left behind during the evacuation and fighting a Titan with a bow and arrows, Sasha heads into the forest. There, she encounters a group of people from her village, including her father, who have been going around giving horses to people in the area. Sasha joins them, joyfully stating, "I'm home."[2]


  • Gabi Braun notes that the accent found in Dauper is similar to the one in Southern Marley.[3]



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