Quote1 I'll never stand a chance against the Titans if I can't even get Day 1 right! Quote2
— Eren is late on his first day

Day 1 (01日目 Ichinichime?) is the 1st segment of the 1st episode and the 1st segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Eren has trouble waking up on time and blames Armin and Mikasa.


Eren is stuck

Eren is stuck

Eren is running late on his first day to the Cadet Corps school. Seeing a hole in the school fence, he tries to squeeze himself in, but gets stuck.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, Armin wonders why Eren is late, and asks Mikasa if she woke him up, noting the deep bond they share and choosing not to wake Eren so Mikasa could. When Eren finally arrives, he questions Mikasa on why she did not wake him up, with her blushing and answering that she did not want to risk starting rumors by going into the boys' dorm. Eren is clueless about the type of rumors Mikasa is referring to, and tells her that he expected her to wake him up like she always used to.

Eren blames Armin and Mikasa

Eren blames Armin and Mikasa

Armin, assuming that the two of them are going out, explains to Eren that if Mikasa had gone to wake him, everyone would realize that they are in a relationship. As Eren denies it, a Titan suddenly opens the roof and swallows the three. Inside its stomach, Eren says that he could have fought the Titan if he was ready, and blames Armin for distracting him by what he said earlier, then blames Mikasa for not waking him up from the beginning, as they all slowly start sinking in the Titan's stomach.

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