Quote1 I did it! I'm the best! I'm number 1! Quote2
— Eren beats Reiner

Day 11 (11日目  Jūichinichime?) is the 1st segment of the 5th episode and the 11th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Eren tries to imitate Reiner.


Eren dreams of fighting a Titan, but it grabs and eats him. He wakes up screaming during the night, waking up Armin as well, who asks Eren if he dreamed about Titans.

Armin suggests talking to Reiner

Armin suggests talking to Reiner

Eren resolves to beat the Titans, but is not sure if he can, and Armin reminds him that he is yet to beat Mikasa even once. Agreeing with Armin, he states that he has to build more muscle first, remarking that Mikasa is buff. Armin then suggests talking to Reiner in the morning.

Eren sits in front of Reiner in the same dining table and observes how he eats, then starts imitating him. Reiner is confused, and Eren notes that Reiner's daily routine must be the secret to his strong physique.

Eren and Reiner compete

Eren and Reiner compete

Reiner starts eating faster, making Eren wonder if that speed is the secret to his muscles. Eren manages to eat just as fast, to Reiner's surprise. They both begin competing and chow down their food, as Armin and Bertholdt watch. Reiner ends up spitting out his drink, making Eren declare himself the victor.

Armin looks around and points out that Mikasa is on her fourth plate, then notices that Sasha has numerous plates finished while still wolfing down bread. Eren is troubled that he still has a long way to go, as a Titan suddenly appears and swallows him along with the others. Inside its stomach, Armin remarks that Titans are the fastest eaters after all.

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