Quote1 Am I that invisible to everyone? Quote2
— Bertholdt feels unnoticed

Day 12 (12日目  Jūninichime?) is the 2nd segment of the 5th episode and the 12th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Bertholdt tries to improve his confidence.


Bertholdt confides in Reiner

Bertholdt confides in Reiner

In the mess hall, Bertholdt finds an empty seat, but Armin sits on it before Bertholdt could and calls for Eren and Mikasa to sit next to him. Bertholdt feels unnoticed and goes to confide about it in Reiner, who tells Bertholdt that he should have poise.

The next morning, Bertholdt slams his tray on the table and sits in a way that takes more space, which makes Eren ask him to move over. Seeing other cadets staring at him, Bertholdt picks up his tray and runs off while apologizing.

Bertholdt's new look

Bertholdt's new look

A while later, Bertholdt approaches Eren and the others and tells them about his dilemma. Armin thinks of an idea in order to get more people to notice Bertholdt; have him wear a vibrant-colored uniform and a necklace. Eren is impressed by Bertholdt's new look, to the latter's relief. However, the commandant soon catches Bertholdt under the offense of altering Corps equipment and takes him for punishment.

Armin still considers his idea to be a success, noting that the commandant had noticed Bertholdt almost instantly. Suddenly, a Titan opens the roof and eats Armin, Mikasa, and Eren. Inside its stomach, Armin is troubled over the Titan not noticing Bertholdt's new look and going for him instead, wondering if he should have also changed his hairstyle.

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