Quote1.png A crew cut is a very logical hairstyle, I'll have you know! Quote2.png
— Conny praises his hairstyle

Day 15 (15日目 Jūgonichime?) is the 2nd segment of the 6th episode and the 15th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Eren decides on a new hairstyle.


In the classroom, Conny and Armin try to show Eren that Christa has a new hairstyle, but he does not see any difference. Armin remarks that Eren is way too dense, prompting Conny to point out that Christa's hair is in a braid now, but Eren still does not understand their admiration of it. Conny is mesmerized by Christa's new hairstyle and retorts that Eren is impassive to hairstyles.

Conny explains the logicality of his hairstyle

Eren replies that Conny never changes hairstyles, and Armin concurs. Conny justifies his hairstyle and tells them of how logical it is, explaining that he does not have to worry about how it looks when he wakes up; it is hygienic since it can be easily cleaned; does not get in the eyes during battle; and has no wind resistance during omni-directional mobility, adding that it shows a soldier's real determination. Eren is stunned by Conny's reasoning and realizes that his determination to be a soldier is even less than him, then decides to shave his hair.

Mikasa stops Armin from shaving Eren's head

Outside, Armin prepares to shave Eren's head with a straight razor, but is stopped by Mikasa, who questions him about it. Eren tells her that he needs to shave his head and act like a real soldier. Mikasa tries convincing him otherwise, then decides to shave her head as well, but he opposes the idea, as a Titan suddenly appears and eats the three. Inside its stomach, Armin wonders why the Titan always targets Eren and remarks that his head should indeed be shaved so the Titan does not recognize him again.

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