Quote1 I-I can't believe I made such a simple screw-up... Now I'm stuck retaking a test I shouldn't have to! Quote2
— Eren laments his mistake

Day 16 (16日目 Jūrokunichime?) is the 3rd segment of the 6th episode and the 16th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Armin tries to tutor Eren, Sasha, and Conny.


Commandant Keith announces the test results of the class. Armin is called first and he receives a perfect score, awing his fellow cadets.

A distressed Eren after flunking

A distressed Eren after flunking

Naming Cadets Springer, Braus, and Jaeger, the commandant informs the three of their bad scores and orders them to take make-up exams later. Eren is distressed, and Armin wonders how Eren flunked when he always took class seriously. He offers to help Eren study, before stating that being lumped with Sasha and Conny is troublesome, with the two hearing it and calling him out on being rude.

The group is tutored by Armin

The group is tutored by Armin

In the classroom, Armin begins to tutor Eren, but is disheartened by seeing both Sasha and Conny are also present. After finishing with tutoring the three, he asks them if they understood. Eren has found it all easy to understand, while Sasha and Conny are left dazed and vacantly staring upward. Mikasa takes a look at Eren's test result and shows it to Armin, with him revealing that Eren's answers were off by one row, but still nearly correct.

Sasha and Conny ask Armin about their case, and he states that they should ask the commandant about how they will be punished, making Sasha wish that he gets eaten by a Titan, just as a Titan suddenly appears and eats them all. Inside its stomach, Eren questions Sasha on what she said, with her blaming Armin for being mean, but Conny rejoices that they do not have to take the make-up test anymore.

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