Quote1 But we managed to return their item. It's not all bad! Quote2
— Marco inside a Titan's stomach

Day 19 (19日目 Jūkunichime?) is the 3rd segment of the 7th episode and the 19th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Marco returns a lost bag.


After dinner, Marco finds a forgotten bag in the mess hall and brings it to the boys' dorm. Seeing its pink color, Jean believes that it belongs to one of the girls, and Armin is eager to know what it contains, but Marco refuses to open it on account of privacy.

Armin proposes using ODM gear

Armin proposes using ODM gear

Marco decides to take it to the girls' dorm, but Jean reminds him that the commandant would be patrolling the halls. Armin then proposes the idea of using omni-directional mobility gear to sneak into the girls' room through a window. Jean is hesitant, fearing of being regarded a pervert if they are caught, prompting Armin to decide on waiting until the girls leave first.

Eren prepares to go to sleep, to Armin's shock, who questions if Eren is going to ignore Marco in his time of need. Eren reiterates his desire to quickly wipe out the Titans, explaining that tomorrow is an early day. Jean starts calling him names, leading to them bickering and Eren deciding to come along in the end. Outside the girls' room window, Armin, Marco, Jean, and Eren dangle from the roof, awaiting them to leave. Mikasa briefly senses the boys, but they manage to trick her by mimicking cat sounds.

The boys upon Mikasa's return

The boys upon Mikasa's return

The girls finally leave and the boys enter the room. As Marco places the bag, Mikasa suddenly returns, to the boys' horror upon seeing her. She questions Eren on his presence there, as a Titan suddenly opens the roof and eats the boys. Inside its stomach, Marco is glad that they were at least able to return the bag.

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