Quote1 Darn it! And I was so determined not to be a burden! Quote2
— Armin laments a mishap

Day 2 (02日目 Futsukame?) is the 2nd segment of the 1st episode and the 2nd segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Armin finds himself waking up in the nurse's office.


Armin laments a mishap

Armin laments the mishap

In the nurse's office, Eren calls out for Armin, as the latter is just waking up. Worried, Eren tells Armin that he suddenly fainted during the morning assembly, and asks him about his condition. Eren is surprised when he finds out that Armin simply dozed off due to the commandant's long speech.

Armin tries convincing Eren of how pointless and boring the speech is, believing it to be devoid of substance. Mikasa arrives and says that she agrees with Armin. Mikasa says that she was concerned about Eren not being able to endure the long speech and stay on his feet. Eren is annoyed by how weak Mikasa considers him to be, and tells her it is nothing when they are being trained to beat the Titans. As he starts heading back, Mikasa hits Eren, knocking him out.

Eren questions Mikasa on why she hit him

Eren questions Mikasa on why she hit him

A while later, Eren wakes up with his head bandaged, and Armin informs him that he passed out and collapsed. However, he remembers that he was hit by Mikasa, and questions her about it, with her admitting that she does not want him to go back standing at the assembly. A Titan suddenly opens the roof and swallows the three. Inside its stomach, Eren says that he could have fought it if he was not hurt, and tells Armin to figure a way out. Mikasa then tells Eren that as long as she gets to be with him, she does not mind where they are.

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