Quote1 Sh-Shut up! You fuss over me way too much! Quote2
— Eren to Mikasa

Day 20 (20日目 Nijūnichime?) is the 1st segment of the 8th episode and the 20th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Franz and Hanna try getting Eren to make amends.


Mikasa lists the times Eren needed help

Mikasa lists the times Eren needed help

Eren accidentally spills his drink on himself and Mikasa tells him to remove his clothes so she could wash them, but he questions her on why she always acts like his mother, with her replying that he cannot survive without her, then mentions the times Eren needed her help. Eren exclaims for her to stop smothering him. Stunned, Mikasa leaves while looking dejected.

Franz and Hanna practice resuscitation

Franz and Hanna practice resuscitation

A while later, Franz advises Eren to apologize to Mikasa, believing that she may be tough, but could still have a weak side she has kept from him. Hanna asks Franz if he has a secret side, but he assures her that he would not hide anything from her. Eren is irritated by the two openly showing affection, and they act embarrassed. Franz reiterates that Eren should apologize to Mikasa, demonstrating with Hanna on how he should do it. Eren retorts that the two of them should go practice mouth-to-mouth, with them liking the idea.

Mikasa approaches Eren to talk about what happened earlier, but notices what Franz and Hanna are doing. She wonders if she and Eren should also practice mouth-to-mouth, before a Titan suddenly opens the roof and eats them all. Inside its stomach, Franz tries reassuring Hanna, then asks her to resuscitate him if he drowns.

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