Quote1 Oh! That magic spell worked! We're all alone! Quote2
— Mikasa inside a Titan's stomach with Eren

Day 21 (21日目 Nijūichinichime?) is the 2nd segment of the 8th episode and the 21st segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Mikasa tries to act on her feelings.


The girls gather for tea and chit-chat

The girls gather for tea and chit-chat

Hanna invites Mina and Mikasa for tea later on. While the three are drinking the tea, Mina brings up the topic of relationships. She asks Hanna of hers and admits to being jealous. When asked herself, Mina states that all the other guys in their class are childish. Mikasa is asked next, with Mina pointing out that it is obvious who Mikasa likes, but remarks that he is coldhearted, then tells Mikasa of a special magic spell from where she hails from. Mina explains that if Mikasa writes a name on the palm of her hand and then keep anyone from seeing it for a full day, she would end up being alone with that person.

A while later, Mikasa waves for Eren, but remembers to grip her hand before Eren could see her palm. During lunch break, Eren hands Mikasa a loaf of bread, but she receives it by biting it; she accidentally drops food by trying to eat with her left hand, and later lifts seats with one arm during cleaning.

Eren confronts Mikasa

Eren confronts Mikasa

Eren notes Mikasa's weird behavior all day and confronts her about it. Noticing that she is holding her hands behind her back, he realizes that she is hiding something and tries to get her to reveal it, which results in her punching him in the face. As she rushes over to him, a Titan suddenly appears and eats them both. Inside its stomach, and alone with Eren, Mikasa is happy that the magic spell worked.

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