Quote1 You live like a maniac, Section Commander! Quote2
— Moblit to Hange

Day 22 (22日目 Nijūninichime?) is the 3rd segment of the 8th episode and the 22nd segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Hange tries to communicate with a Titan.


Moblit informs Hange of Titan sighting

Moblit informs Hange of Titan sighting

The Colossal Titan suddenly appears and eats two cadets. Section Commander Hange is in her office pondering over Titan samples for her research when Moblit barges in to report about the Colossal Titan sighting near the cadet training facility in Trost.

Hange is excited to see the Titan and orders Moblit to ready the horses. On the way, Moblit informs Hange that the Titan ate several cadets, but she still decides to approach it from behind despite Moblit's pleas to wait for reinforcements.

The Titan begins to evaporate and Hange sears her hands trying to make it stay by touching its foot. She attempts to communicate with it, asking it its name. It reaches its hand and lightly smacks Hange to the side. She climbs to its shoulder using ODM gear and Moblit laments working under Hange, then follows her.

Hange inspects the Titan's teeth

Hange inspects the Titan's teeth

Hange continues her attempts to communicate with the Titan, telling a terrified Moblit that someone has to take these risks, believing that her research would prove useful for humankind. Hange is fascinated by the Titan's straight teeth and climbs its lower jaw for a closer look. Moblit rushes to drag her back, but both of them end up getting eaten. Inside its stomach, Hange asks Moblit for a bag so she could sample the gastric juice.

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