Quote1 That's Captain Levi, humanity's ultimate soldier! Quote2
— Eren is excited to see the Scouts' captain

Day 24 (24日目 Nijūyonnichime?) is the 2nd segment of the 9th and final episode and the 24th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Levi analyzes himself from another person's point of view.


Armin informs Eren of the Scouts' arrival

Armin informs Eren of the Scouts' arrival

The Scout Regiment is passing through town for an expedition outside the Wall. Armin rushes to tell Eren about the news and they both head into town, along with Mikasa.

Arriving there, Armin points at the head of the regiment, Commander Erwin, but Eren is more excited to see humanity's ultimate soldier, Captain Levi. Levi listens to the three cadets talk about him. Eren tells Mikasa that Levi is known as the ultimate soldier, but she retorts that the nickname does not match with his short stature, to Levi's irritation. Armin theorizes that he appears small due to the big size of his horse, and Levi considers Armin to be showing potential. Eren continues saying that he heard the captain was able to take on ten Titans alone, with Levi remarking that it would be easy. When Mikasa says she is also able to do the same, Eren adds on that the captain did it with his bare hands.

The Titan lies in wait

The Titan lies in wait

Armin wonders if the captain has special moves, and Levi thinks of his "Hyper Spinning Nape Slice," but Eren goes on about naming special moves that are too long, as a Titan is lying in wait in the middle of the road with its mouth open, and everyone ends up eaten. Inside its stomach, Levi states his carelessness as he did not expect a Titan to appear in the middle of town, while Eren begs for the captain's autograph.

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