Quote1 How'd it turn out this way? I'd rather be eaten by a Titan than go through this! Quote2
— Jean laments his situation

Day 4 (04日目 Yokkame?) is the 2nd segment of the 2nd episode and the 4th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Jean becomes jealous of Eren.


Jean is irritated by Eren

Jean is irritated by Eren

In the classroom, Armin notices that Mikasa has cut her hair, to Jean's shock, who wonders if what he said the previous day is the reason. Eren tells her that he likes it more that way, which irritates Jean, who curses Eren.

The commandant soon announces a cleaning squad assignment and informs the class to form three-person squads. Jean takes this chance and approaches Mikasa, but finds out that she had already formed a squad with Eren and Armin. He looks around and notices that the entire class has formed squads, with him being the odd one out. Armin tries asking the other squads if they could take Jean with them, but receives no response. Saddened, Jean leaves.

Jean demonstrates his ODM trick

Jean demonstrates his ODM trick

During lunch break, Jean hears Eren talking about having a bad training day and he thinks to himself that if he could impress the group, he would still have a chance to be in their squad. Jean addresses Eren and offers to teach him a trick to omni-directional mobility, then demonstrates a jumping move in front of them. Armin says that it does not relate to ODM training, with Eren believing that Jean just wanted to make fun of him.

Mikasa sighs, and as they start leaving, Jean calls out for her, then laments his situation, saying that he prefers to be eaten by a Titan, right before a Titan suddenly opens the roof and swallows him, along with Eren and Mikasa. Inside its stomach, Eren blames Jean for what he said, while Mikasa tells Eren to stop bickering. Jean grabs Eren's shirt and admits to being jealous of him.

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