Quote1 Fiery water! Lands of ice! Sandy snowfields! That book is filled with dreams and adventure of that same level! Quote2
— Armin describes the indecent book

Day 6 (06日目 Muikame?) is the 2nd segment of the 3rd episode and the 6th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Armin finds a suspicious book.


Armin is running while holding a book and calling for Eren. He shows him the book and says that he found it under his bed in the dorm, revealing it to be a book with mature women in it.

Armin shows Eren the book

Armin shows Eren the book

Eren is reluctant at first, fearing for punishment if they are found with an indecent book, but Armin opens it and Eren is having a nosebleed while looking at its illustrations. A group of other cadets sees them, and the commandant suddenly arrives behind them. He confiscates the book and quickly interrogates them, with everyone denying, except for Eren, who the blame is then put on.

Sasha remarks that boys are dumb for getting excited over these matters, and Mikasa wonders what type of body Eren likes. Sasha compliments Mikasa and assures her that Eren would like her body type, and she blushes at the thought.

Armin tells Eren that they need to retrieve the book, describing it as being filled with dreams and adventure akin to fiery water, lands of ice, and sandy snowfields, exciting the group enough to go and retrieve it.

The group ambushes the commandant

The group ambushes the commandant

Outside the commandant's office window, Eren, Jean, and Conny ambush and hit him with clubs. After retrieving the book, Armin starts looking at it for himself, and Eren argues him for it, when a Titan suddenly appears and swallows them all. Inside its stomach, Eren says that he was too focused on the book to notice the Titan, while Armin is still looking at the book.

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