Quote1 You gotta use opportunities like this while you can. Quote2
— Ymir, regarding a situation

Day 8 (08日目 Yōkame?) is the 1st segment of the 4th episode and the 8th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Eren unintentionally walks in on the girls.


Mikasa asks Armin if he saw Eren, and he replies that Eren would not wake up, no matter how many times he tried shaking him. Mikasa states that Eren only wakes up by pouring water on his head. Ymir then tells Armin to leave the classroom, since the girls are going to use it as a changing room.

Eren accidentally walks in on the girls

Eren accidentally walks in on the girls

Shortly afterward, Eren arrives running to the classroom and walks in on the girls before Armin could get to stop him. He is kicked out by them. Ymir suspects that Eren walked in on purpose, but Christa defends him. Mikasa shyly remarks that if Eren wants to see her changing clothes, he should just say it.

Outside, Eren tells Armin that he was not trying to peek on the girls, but Armin asks him about what he saw. Eren states that he did not see anything, making Armin accuse him of hogging the memory to himself.

Ymir tries taking advantage of Eren

Ymir tries taking advantage of Eren

Ymir steps out and tries to take advantage of the situation by lying to Eren, telling him that he made Christa cry. She goes on about how the girls are shaken up because of him, that they cannot do any cleaning for a while.

Mikasa comes to Eren's defense, telling Ymir that Eren only wanted to see her changing clothes, but Eren denies it. A Titan suddenly opens the roof and eats Eren alone. Inside its stomach, Eren calls out for the others, as he slowly sinks in the gastric juice.

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