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— Mikasa prepares to fight

Day 9 (09日目 Kokonokame?) is the 2nd segment of the 4th episode and the 9th segment overall of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Mikasa challenges Ymir over pudding.


On the day of the cadets' mealtime pudding, Armin and Mikasa enjoy their pudding, with the former remarking that Eren is unlucky for getting a cold and having to stay in bed on this day.

Ymir sees an extra pudding on the table and decides to give it to Christa, but Christa hesitates, stating that other cadets want it as well, while Sasha and Conny stand behind her staring at the pudding. Ymir agrees to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors for the pudding.

Mikasa resolves to win Eren's pudding

Armin realizes that the extra pudding is Eren's, and Mikasa resolves to win it for him. He then tells her of a strategy to win the game. Up against Ymir, Sasha, and Conny, Mikasa declares that she is the strongest among them, saying out loud that she will be throwing "Rock," as per Armin's strategy, believing that now everyone will be throwing "Paper" to beat her, and plans to actually throw "Scissors."

Ymir is aware of this trick, and throws "Scissors" as well, telling Mikasa that the trick only works on idiots like Sasha and Conny. In the second round, Ymir wins against Mikasa, but Armin points out that Ymir had thrown "Rock" after she had seen Mikasa throw "Scissors."

Christa stops Mikasa and Ymir

Mikasa is not giving up and prepares to fight Ymir. However, Christa intervenes. She thanks Ymir for the sentiment and decides to give the pudding to Mikasa after realizing that it belongs to Eren. A Titan then suddenly opens the roof and swallows the three, along with the pudding. Inside its stomach, Mikasa dives into the gastric juice looking for Eren's pudding.

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