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Quote1.png I can't fight the Titans.... My buddies were eaten right in front of me.... They were eaten alive...and I didn't feel anything! No sadness or hate...I was just...incredibly grateful that it wasn't me.... Quote2.png
— Daz admits his cowardice[3]

Daz (ダズ Dazu?) was a trainee (訓練兵 Kunren-hei?) of the 104th Training Corps who participated in the Battle of Trost District. He later joined the Yeagerists in the year 854.


Daz had a short crop of spiky light hair. He had noticeable wrinkles around his mouth, apparently from his perpetual anxiety. He wore the normal uniform of the 104th Training Corps.

In the year 854, Daz's hair was slightly shorter and the lines on his face had become more prominent. As a Yeagerist he was only ever seen wearing the Survey Corps' new uniform.


Daz was constantly terrified and had an ever-present fear of something bad soon to happen regardless of circumstances. He admitted to being so afraid of the Titans that he was glad to see his comrades be eaten rather than himself, and repeatedly attempted to either desert his post or commit suicide rather than face them again. To his credit, however, Daz was at least selfless enough to return to active duty after realizing that refusing to defend Trost District would guarantee the deaths of his family at the Titans' hands.

By the year 854, Daz seemed to have matured slightly. Although he was still in a constant state of anxiety, he seemed less prone to emotional outbursts in times of conflict.


104th Training Corps arc

Daz is safely indoors

During a training exercise designed to test trainees' endurance to harsh climates, Daz overexerts himself trying to improve his scores and loses consciousness, forcing Ymir and Krista Lenz to drag his body with them. Although Ymir repeatedly suggests leaving Daz, Krista refuses, and Ymir is eventually forced to abandon Krista in order to use her Titan form to return Daz to safety.[4]

When Krista finally returns to the cabins herself, Daz is seen resting in a bed inside while doctors inspect him.[5]

Battle of Trost District arc

Daz panics at the thought of fighting Titans again

During the Battle of Trost District, Daz is put on standby with his fellow trainees to await further orders. While waiting Daz has a mental breakdown as he thinks about his near-death experiences in battle. Convinced that he will be forced to continue fighting until he is devoured, Daz attempts to kill himself to avoid facing the Titans again and Marco Bott has to physically restrain him.[6]

As the soldiers are gathered together so Dot Pixis can inform them of the plan to reconquer Trost District, Daz begins to panic and Marco tries to calm him. A commanding officer overhears and threatens to execute him for abandoning his duty but Daz refuses to back down, claiming that execution would be preferable to being eaten by a Titan.[7] The altercation is interrupted by Pixis' announcement that the military will use Eren Yeager's Titan ability to reseal Wall Rose. Daz accuses the commander of lying and begins to leave, despite the threats of the Garrison's officers, to spend his final hours with his family. Pixis announces that he will pardon all deserters, but he also advises the soldiers to consider that by abandoning their posts they will be dooming their families to the same terrors which they have experienced. Despite his fears, Daz is prompted by Pixis's words to return to his duties.[8]

War for Paradis arc

Connie kills Samuel and Daz

In the year 854, Daz and Samuel are among the Yeagerists stationed at Paradis Island's harbor to prevent anyone from attempting to use the island's airship. The two stop Armin Arlert and Connie Springer from commandeering the airship, explaining that they are suspected of working with Marley to undermine Eren Yeager's plan to destroy the world outside of Paradis. Armin and Connie explain that they want to use the ship to pursue the Marleyan soldiers fleeing Paradis and Daz, relieved, disarms the explosives placed on the ship.[9]

Shortly afterwards, Floch Forster announces to the Yeagerists that Armin, Connie, and Mikasa Ackerman have betrayed Paradis. Daz begins rearming the explosives on the ship while Samuel shoots Armin and attempts to fend off Connie. Despite his injuries, Armin tries to stop Daz and Daz threatens to kill him. In response, Connie takes Samuel's gun and shoots Daz in the head.[10]


He was an unexceptional member of the 104th both in confidence and in physical ability, being unable to complete the mountain training when someone as petite as Historia Reiss was.[4] That being said, he was at least skilled (or lucky) enough to survive one or more encounters with Titans during the battle of Trost.

Daz's statistics as of year 850[1]: