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Dense Space (堅緻の空隙 Kenchi no Kūgeki?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 8th volume and the 28th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


With several squads of Military Policemen at her command, Captain Gloria Bernhart breaches the gates of the Industrial City, giving orders to her troops to eliminate all dissidents except for their ringleaders. Outside of the city, Kuklo, Cardina, and Jorge watch the carnage from afar.

Not long ago in Shiganshina District, Jorge had received news of Gloria's MPs mobilizing for the Industrial City. Worried for Sharle's safety, Kuklo decides to head with Jorge to the city, despite Cardina's protests due to Kuklo's injuries. Watching the battle, Kuklo chooses to borrow Cardina's Device to scale the Walls of the city to find Sharle. Cardina protests, but eventually gives in to Kuklo's plan, offering him his sword before the two part ways. As Jorge acts as a diversion at the gate of the city, Kuklo passes over the Walls unnoticed, determined to find Sharle.


Gloria's MPs slaughter the rebels

At the gates of the Industrial City, Captain Gloria Bernhart orders for her Military Policemen to bring the battering ram to the fore. The dissidents standing guard at the gate begin to panic, having not anticipated a Military Police assault from outside. Charging on horseback into the city, the Military Policemen mercilessly slaughter the rebels. Observing the aftermath of the slaughter, Gloria confirms that they have claimed the gate of the city. She orders her first, second, and third squads to make their way to the MP office in the city to eliminate the rebels' main force, leaving Contzen in charge of the strike. Her fourth and fifth squads are sent to the city mint while her sixth squad pacifies the main street.

She leaves her seventh squad to guard the gate and orders all others to patrol and eliminate stragglers, declaring that she will join the squads heading to the mint, desiring to see the panic on Captain Dafner's face. Before departing, she clarifies that all rebels should be put to death with the exception of their ringleaders.

Gloria orders her soldiers to slaughter the rebels

A short distance outside of the city, Cardina, Jorge Pikale, and Kuklo observe the carnage worriedly. Jorge confirms what he had suspected, that the Military Police were enacting an elaborate mission to quell the rebellion.

Kuklo recalls a time not long ago when Jorge began to suspect of such a mission. In the Survey Corps barracks in Shiganshina District, Jorge informs the group that a former MP pupil has notified him of a large force of Military Policemen moving en masse out of Shiganshina to the Industrial City, corresponding with news that Captain Bernhart had ordered 80% of the Shiganshina MPs to mobilize. Carlo Pikale notes that in order to reach the Industrial City, they must have clearance to pass through Trost District as well, meaning that the order to mobilize likely came from a higher authority. Kuklo grows worried for Sharle's well-being with this news, desiring to return to the city to ensure her safety. Cardina and Carlo urge against this due to Kuklo's injuries acquired during their nighttime testing of the Device. Kuklo stays adamant in his decision, and Jorge decides he may as well travel to the Industrial City since he himself was also thinking of making the trip to survey the situation. Cardina decides to join them, saying that someone must act as the voice of reason. As Cardina treats Kuklo's wounds, Kuklo expresses his bad feeling towards the turn of events.

Kuklo equips himself with Cardina's Device

Outside of the Industrial City, Cardina notes how Kuklo's worries were correct. Jorge claims that a rebellion in the Industrial City is very likely the work of the Dissidence Movement, who have a history of activity in the region. He notes that Angel Aaltonen and Xenophon Harkimo were attacked by such rebels fifteen years ago, despite having only limited ties to the Royal Government. As Kuklo worries for Sharle, Jorge begins to wonder if Gloria had a mole in the city acting as her informant on the rebels' activity, given how quickly she reacted to the uprising. Cardina notices that the Military Police have the city gate on lockdown, and Kuklo proposes entering the city with the Device. Jorge admires the idea, whereas Cardina strongly objects to Kuklo using the Device with his broken arm and several fractures. Kuklo decides to use Cardina's set of equipment, and Cardina sees the futility of his objections. Jorge decides to act as a diversion at the gate of the city for Kuklo to make his entrance. Before Kuklo departs, Cardina offers his sword to Kuklo and wishes him luck. Kuklo thanks Cardina as he sets out for the city Walls, with Cardina looking on worriedly.

Kuklo maneuvers his way into the Industrial City

At the gate of the city, Jorge drives a carriage up to the group of Military Policemen guarding the area. Their squad leader, Buerger, recognizes the driver as Jorge the Hero. Jorge, recognizing Buerger as an old friend, requests entry into the city. Buerger informs Jorge of the lockdown before a subordinate suggests the nature of their presence must be left to secrecy. As Jorge speaks with Buerger, Kuklo uses the Device to grapple onto the top of the city Walls, soaring over the heads of the distracted soldiers. He stops in his tracks upon hearing voices coming from the stairway leading to the top of the Wall. Policemen below discuss removing the corpse of the rebel watchman shot down earlier, but one of them notes that it had already fallen to the ground below. Kuklo leaps off the Wall, grappling along the buildings as he hopes for Sharle's safety.

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