Dental Health (歯と健康 Ha to Kenkō?) is the 21st chapter of the 1st volume and the 21st chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Eren screams out of pain while having food. The others take a look at the large cavity formed in Eren's mouth. On Armin's suggestion, Eren turns to Levi and Hange for help.


Jean complains about a cavity

Jean complains to Mikasa about a cavity

During meal time, Eren suffers from a striking pain in his teeth, causing him to scream. Connie takes a look at his teeth and notices a large cavity and calls the others to take a look as well. Sasha quickly snatches away Eren's bread, saying that it would be too hard for him, while Jean compliments the delicious soup, pitying anyone who could not have it. Mikasa takes a look at the cavity, but continues staring into Eren's mouth for a while. This prompts Jean to complain about a cavity in his teeth as well, but Eren finds none on checking. Sasha tells everyone about how they would use a horse to pull a tooth off, which makes Krista feel bad for the horse involved in the procedure.

Armin suggests Eren ask Levi for help

Armin suggests Eren ask Captain Levi to kick him

Armin suggests having Captain Levi kick Eren to knock the tooth off. Mikasa claims she would rather do it herself and begins shining her shoes, but she is stopped by Eren. When Levi and Hange return, Eren pleads Levi to kick him in the face, the way he had done during the trial. Levi punches Eren on the head and asks if he wanted another one. After learning the real issue, Levi suggests he left it up to Hange, who could conduct some Titan research through it as well. With Levi's permission, Hange takes Eren into a room and as the others stand outside, they hear Eren's agonizing screams coming from within. Levi advises them to look after their teeth.

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