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Derek is a bookstore owner and part of the resistance in Quinta District. He appears in the light novel Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 2.


Derek is an older man whose eyesight is bad enough that he wears glasses.[1]


Derek has a matter-of-fact personality, stating what needs to be done and getting the people together to do it. He has a courageous and rebellious streak for being willing to host the meetings between Mathias Kramer and the other resistance members in Quinta District, even though defying Rita Iglehaut would mean execution by Titan.[2]


Derek is a founding member of the resistance and recruits many of their initial members from his friends who are unhappy with the dictatorship in Quinta District.[3] Following Gabriele's arrival, Derek participates in the meeting with the resistance leaders to decide their next step and agrees to move ahead with the plan to use the Night Harvest to rescue Bernhardt.[4]

After Bernhardt's rescue, Derek calls an emergency meeting of the resistance leaders. Because it will be difficult to break out the recently captured Amanda by conventional means, Derek suggests that they kill the captive Titan in the middle of the town plaza. He thinks it might be enough to inspire the populace to rise up against Rita Iglehaut.[2]

Derek is presumably at the plaza with the other resistance members when they are captured due to Gabriele's betrayal.[5] However, when the resistance is freed to assist with the evacuation of Quinta, Derek is among the last to leave.[6]


  • Mathias Kramer - When Mathias Kramer starts the resistance, Derek is the first person he turns to. They have known each other since Mathias was young, and Mathias used to visit Derek's store often as a child.[3]
  • Suzanne - Derek is an old friend of Suzanne, Mathias's old tutor and servant of the Kramer family.[3]



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