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Dimo Reeves (ディモ・リーブス Dimo Rībusu?) was a merchant that led the Reeves Company, a merchant group named after him. He was based in Trost District for most of his dealings and had brief alliances with the Military Police Brigade and the Survey Corps, mostly outside of Trost.


Dimo Reeves was a short, overweight man. His head was balding with black hair on the sides and a thin dark mustache and beard. He had brown eyes and bright skin. He was usually well dressed, with a brown leather jacket, gray vest, and pink button-up shirt with red-brown dress pants and brown dress shoes.


During the Battle of Trost District, Dimo Reeves was a selfish businessman blocking the inner gate with his cart. He commented that people's lives were not worth half as much as his cart, and ordered them to push. He only relented when his life was threatened by Mikasa Ackerman, not due to any change of heart.[3]

Much later on, after his talk with Levi on top of the Wall Rose,[4] he was actually not as selfish as he first seemed, and he agreed to help the Survey Corps if they assured his survival. He turned out to be a very intelligent and honest man, although he obviously focused a lot on the profit of his business. His discussion with Levi also revealed that he was forced by the government to kidnap Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss.[5] Reeves said he was unsure the Military Police Brigade stood any chance against the "Titan killers" from the beginning.[6]


Battle of Trost District arc

Mikasa threatens Reeves

During the invasion of Trost District, Reeves blocks the inner gate of Wall Rose with a cart full of merchandise - effectively preventing most of the survivors from escaping the town. When he is questioned by a citizen Reeves proclaims that he owns the companies in the town and attempts to rally the citizens into pushing his cart, commenting that their lives are not worth as much as his cart. He is confronted by Mikasa Ackerman, who tells him that her comrades were dying to allow the citizens to evacuate, but he simply responds that it is natural for soldiers to die for the sake of protecting people. This enrages Mikasa, who approaches him and threatens to kill him. Reeves then reluctantly orders his men to remove the cart from the gate so the citizens can escape.[3]

Royal Government arc

Mikasa captures Reeves after the kidnapping

Dimo Reeves sends his subordinates to kidnap Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss when the Special Operations Squad arrives in Trost.[7] Outside the warehouse where the hostages are being held, he asks his men if they are sure about the identities of their captives and is unhappy that they have not been checked for disguises yet.[8] As Reeves and his subordinates enter the warehouse they are ambushed and detained by Squad Levi. Reeves pleads for leniency and claims he does not know anything but Mikasa Ackerman recognizes him as the merchant whose wagon was blocking the Trost evacuation who was referred to as "boss."[9]

Levi takes Reeves aside and brings him to the top of Wall Rose, overlooking Trost, for a frank discussion. Reeves confesses that he does not want to help the Military Police Brigade's First Interior Squad so much as he was forced to. If he does not cooperate, the government will seize his company, his employees will be thrown into the street, and the lives of him and his subordinates would be forfeit.[10] Levi suggests that the Reeves Company join the Survey Corps in opposing the Royal Government; Levi will allow Reeves to hand over Eren and Historia so his company can survive and in return the company will give the Survey Corps priority access to luxury goods. Reeves accepts the deal.

As the first part of the deal, he lures Djel Sannes and Ralph into a trap by promising them that he has Eren cornered in a cave. This allows Levi and Hange Zoë to kidnap them for interrogation.[11]

At Levi's insistence, Reeves and his son Flegel join his and Hange's squads at a meeting in preparation for their next operation. Nifa outlines Erwin Smith's plan to replace the king and hand over Eren and Historia to Reeves, so they can track them to the true King of the Walls, Rod Reiss.[12]

Kenny kills Dimo Reeves

As promised, Reeves prepares Eren and Historia to be taken hostage, but also provides them with small blades so Eren can cut himself and transform in case of emergency. However, the Interior Military Police who come to pick them up arrive earlier than expected and their captain takes Reeves outside to talk. The captain asks Reeves if he has heard of Levi Ackerman and Reeves admits that he has. To his surprise, the captain claims to have trained Levi before slitting Reeves' throat.[13]

Reeves' body is taken to Trost District by a member of the First Interior Squad, who calls out Erwin Smith and his soldiers for the murder. Erwin tells Reeves' grieving wife and daughter that he understands how much Reeves cared for Trost and that he will avenge him.[14]


  • Rough sketches of manga panels included at the Attack on Titan: Final Manga Exhibition revealed that a working name for Dimo Reeves was Reeve Edwards (リーブ・エドワーズ Rību Edowāzu?).