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The Dissidence Movement (反体制組織 Han Taisei Soshiki?) is an anti-establishment rebellion force appearing in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga. Their goal is to persuade the Royal Government to redistribute the wealth of the walled population equally among all classes, and they often resort to terrorism to accomplish their goals.[1]

The members use German names of months as their code names:


The Dissidence Movement was initially formed as a loose collection of rebels that would attack carriages on sight, seeking to rob the inhabitants. Fifteen years later, a young man named Moritz Hellmesberger caught wind of this and decided to form his own rebellion to overthrow the wealthy. Having seen firsthand the effects of greed on people, he rallied a small group together that would eventually grow into a sizable force. Along with his top lieutenants, Moritz began going by the codename of 'August' to hide his identity from the local Military Police soldiers.


Dissidence Movement arc

Eventually, the movement planned to overthrow the authority figures in the Industrial City and then eventually move on to the royal capital. However, the revolution was ultimately doomed to fail: due to two members of the Movement being spies for the Military Police, they were aware of the planned revolution from the beginning and able to send enough troops in beforehand to squash the rebellion. Also, friction would begin to develop within the ranks of the Movement itself due to August's changing behavior in part of not taking into account there would be more troops than he anticipated.

Current Status

Many of the members of the resistance were killed from gunfire by the Military Police. Two of the heads, Juli and Mai, were killed during the revolution[2] while three others, März, Januar and September were captured during the early stages of the revolt. With the confirmed death of August after being tortured by Gloria Bernhart of the Military Police, all the heads of the revolution have been dealt with and the movement is officially rendered inactive.[3]