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The Dissidence Movement arc is the fourth story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


Xavi is tasked with infiltrating the growing Dissidence Movement located within the Industrial City. At the same time, the leader of the movement, August, is planning an uprising that will occur in a matter of days. Meanwhile, Kuklo and Cardina perform a test of the device and work with Jorge Pikale to reach both Xenophon and Sharle, who are unknowingly trapped within the city.


Cover Number Title Release date
21 Den of Treachery
 (詭謀の栖 Kibō no Su?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 21 CoverThe rest of the Titan cult gets rounded up and Gloria allows new recruit Xavi Inocencio to interrogate the leader. Later on, Gloria calls in Xavi and requests he act as her proxy during a trip to the Industrial City. In the city, Jorge Pikale returns and notifies Kuklo and Cardina that he is arranged for a test of the new device outside the walls. As Jorge, Kuklo and Cardina travel through the forest the following day, they pass by the carriage carrying Xavi.

Cover Number Title Release date
22 Abyss Below the Wall
 (壁下の深淵 Hekika no Shin'en?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 22 CoverCarlo Pikale greets his father at the headquarters of the Survey Corps and formally gets introduced to both Kuklo and Cardina. That night, they travel to Wall Maria for the test. They are greeted by Maria Carlstead of the Garrison. Kuklo and Cardina equip the device and then go over the wall. As Cardina gets lowered down, he comes face to face with the Titan known as Ogre.

Cover Number Title Release date
23 Rondo of Darkness
 (闇の輪舞 Yami no Rinbu?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 23 CoverAfter reaching the ground, Kuklo prepares to signal back to Carlo, Jorge and Maria when he hears a Titan coming. He defends himself but notices his weapons have little effect. After evading the Titans, he spots the abnormal Titan known as Ogre approaching and, to his horror, sees it targeting a dangling Cardina several meters above.

Cover Number Title Release date
24 Wail from the Shadows
 (晦冥の鬼哭 Kaimei no Kikoku?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 24 CoverKuklo rushes to aid Cardina and is relieved to see him being raised up by both Carlo and Jorge Pikale. Seeing an opportunity to strike the nape of Ogre, Kuklo flies towards it only to see another Titan intervene at the last second.The resulting attack breaks Kuklo's sword and his right arm and also damaging his set of equipment. Kuklo is saved by Carlo and Cardina and brought up to the top of the Wall; he hears that his father was killed by the same Titan he just escaped from and vows to defeat it the next time he encounters it.

Cover Number Title Release date
25 Before the Storm
 (嵐の前 Arashi no Mae?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 25 CoverAs Sharle worries for Kuklo's nighttime mission, Xenophon comforts her and tasks her with inspecting a shipment of blades. Elsewhere in the Industrial City, Xavi and Matteus arrive at the headquarters of the Dissidence Movement. Xavi remembers Gloria Bernhart's task for him: to join the dissidents and start a rebellion destined to fail in order to damage Jentsch Dafner's reputation. Xavi meets with their leader, August, along with fellow dissidents Juli and Mai, and he becomes a part of their movement. Afterward, Xavi meets with his spy, who informs him of Sharle's location.

In Xenophon's workshop, Sharle comes across Angel Aaltonen's old iron bamboo dagger. Xenophon becomes hopeful that this dagger may lead to reuniting with his old colleague. Elsewhere, Xavi has dinner with Captain Dafner, secretly anticipating the upcoming rebellion.

Cover Number Title Release date
26 The Fires of Upheaval
 (動乱の炎 Dōran no Honō?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 26 CoverIn the early hours of the morning before dawn, the Industrial City is attacked by the Dissidence Movement. After the gate is bombed and the Military Police is slaughtered, August gives orders to his officers and rouses the dissidents to action. He gives them the order to capture Xenophon Harkimo alive so that the dissidents and the workers can cooperate in making the Industrial City the seat of rebellion against the Royal Government. After overhearing the dissidents' goal to invade Harkimo Workshop, Xavi grows worried for Sharle's safety.

Running to Harkimo Workshop, Xavi is angered at the dissidents' lofty and unrealistic goals. He is stopped by Matteus, who turns on him with the plan to frame Xavi for the dissidents' acquisition of weaponry. Drawing blades, Xavi battles with Matteus, realizing that the man is more skilled than he had anticipated.

In Harkimo Workshop, Sharle notices the fires elsewhere in the city. She attempts to warn the other workers in the building before she is caught by a dissident, who tells her to stay quiet.

Cover Number Title Release date
27 The Rivalry's Outcome
 (相克の行方 Sōkoku no Yukue?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 27 CoverIn Harkimo Workshop, Mai explains to Sharle that she wishes to speak with Xenophon Harkimo, but was hindered by the battle. After hearing of her intentions, Sharle chooses to follow Mai. On the ground floor of the workshop, the group of men who had been firing at Xenophon's workers are met with dissident forces led by August. August and the rebels meet with Xenophon and explain their situation, and Sharle notices that even some of August's officers are secretly uncertain of the ultimate purpose of their rebellion. Xenophon recalls that dissidents had attacked him fifteen years ago, but August assures him that his forces were not responsible for the event. Xenophon agrees to go with the rebels, but demands that the other workers must be set free.

Elsewhere in the Industrial City, Xavi continues to battle with Matteus. As Xavi is nearly overwhelmed, his spy Fuchs interferes and gives Xavi the chance to land a killing blow to Matteus. Fuchs reports that his men that he sent to Harkimo Workshop were killed by rebel reinforcements. Xavi and Fuchs head to Harkimo Workshop, and Xavi kills the two rebels left to guard the workers. They inform Xavi that August and the dissidents had taken Xenophon and Sharle.

Outside of the city, Gloria Bernhart arrives with a large force of Military Policemen.

Cover Number Title Release date
28 Dense Space
 (堅緻の空隙 Kenchi no Kūgeki?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 28 CoverWith several squads of Military Policemen at her command, Captain Gloria Bernhart breaches the gates of the Industrial City, giving orders to her troops to eliminate all dissidents except for their ringleaders. Outside of the city, Kuklo, Cardina, and Jorge watch the carnage from afar.

Not long ago in Shiganshina District, Jorge had received news of Gloria's MPs mobilizing for the Industrial City. Worried for Sharle's safety, Kuklo decides to head with Jorge to the city, despite Cardina's protests due to Kuklo's injuries. Watching the battle, Kuklo chooses to borrow Cardina's Device to scale the Walls of the city to find Sharle. Cardina protests, but eventually gives in to Kuklo's plan, offering him his sword before the two part ways. As Jorge acts as a diversion at the gate of the city, Kuklo passes over the Walls unnoticed, determined to find Sharle.

Cover Number Title Release date
29 Disturbance in the City
 (擾乱の都市 Jōran no Toshi?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 29 CoverAs Kuklo gets inside the Industrial City, he avoids contact with members of the Military Police as he looks for Sharle.

The Dissidence Movement takes both Sharle and Xenophon as they travel to the headquarters of the Military Police to negotiate with the Royal Government. As they travel, Mai explains their reasons for joining the movement. Soon, Kuklo finds the group and drops down to engage them; August orders the two captives taken away and for them to shoot Kuklo.

Cover Number Title Release date
30 Fallout of Rebellion
 (逆乱の果て Gekiran no Hate?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 30 CoverThe rebellion has begun to falter and the Military Police Brigade begins to close in on the Dissidence Movement. The remaining members scramble to find a way out with their lives.

Elsewhere in the city, Kuklo narrowly avoids getting spotted by the Military Police and unexpectedly discovers a new way to utilize the device.

Cover Number Title Release date
31 Blades of Karma
 (宿縁の双剣 Shukuen no Sōken?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 31 CoverKuklo is able to get Sharle far away from the Military Police and Gloria Bernhart orders him to be tracked down, vaguely recalling that he looked familiar. Kuklo and Sharle start to make their way back to Jorge and Cardina when they are met by Xavi; stunned that Kuklo is still alive, Xavi makes them a one-time offer for Kuklo's safety.

Cover Number Title Release date
32 Caged Ball
 (籠中の夜宴 Kochū no Yaen?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 32 CoverAfter fighting for some time, Xavi manages to deal a fatal blow to Kuklo and claims victory in their duel. After claiming Kuklo's sword to replace his destroyed one, Xavi then takes Sharle back to their home in Wall Sheena. Later during a social event, Sharle makes her debut in society and meets Xavi's superior, Gloria Bernhart.


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