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Disturbance in the City (擾乱の都市 Jōran no Toshi?) is the 1st chapter of the 9th volume and the 29th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


As Kuklo gets inside the Industrial City, he avoids contact with members of the Military Police as he looks for Sharle.

The Dissidence Movement takes both Sharle and Xenophon as they travel to the headquarters of the Military Police to negotiate with the Royal Government. As they travel, Mai explains their reasons for joining the movement. Soon, Kuklo finds the group and drops down to engage them; August orders the two captives taken away and for them to shoot Kuklo.


Kuklo hides from Military Policemen

As he flies through the air, Kuklo manages to land on the roof of a house. He notes that the rebellion has not seemed to reach the workshop area yet and decides to take the alleyways and side streets to avoid the presence of the Military Police. As two guards approach, he flies up into a crevice and is able to hide himself. After the guards leave, Kuklo has a sudden realization about the device and continues on his way.

As August leads his detachment of Dissidence Movement forces through the city, they are joined by both Xenophon and Sharle; Sharle is approached by Mai who apologizes for their actions. It is revealed that Xenophon ultimately refused to go with the rebels. August decided to take Sharle as well to make sure there were no more inconveniences; when Xenophon refused, the rebels aimed their weapons at the workers. Despite both Xenophon and Mai's pleas, August holds firm until Sharle agrees to go with them.

Mai reveals that they are traveling to the Military Police Headquarters to negotiate with the Royal Government; Sharle realizes that to boost their chances of success, they involved both herself and Xenophon. Mai says that two years ago, her home village and those of the other rebels were unexpectedly visited by officials from the government and demanded that they pay high taxes. This, coupled with scare resources, drove them to near starvation and ruin until August began to raise support to his cause. As Sharle processes this in, she realizes that the rebels are not bad people and most likely had no choice but to rise up.

Kuklo fights some of the rebels

She hears something and is shocked to see Kuklo right above her; he drops down and begins to strike the rebels to get to both Sharle and Xenophon. August orders Mai to take both Sharle and Xenophon away and for Kuklo to be shot. Mai tries to protest but August says that if they do not shoot, more will certainly come; he orders once more for Kuklo to be shot as Sharle screams for him to stop.

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