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Do, a Donut, a Female Eating Donuts (ドはドラ息子のド Do wa Dora Musuko no Do?) is the 1st chapter of the 6th volume and the 40th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


As Jean and Ilse continue to search for information about how Flegel remains in front of the other student body president candidates, they discover a secret that could turn things in their favor. Will Jean finally beat Flegel to become student body president or will he end up sabotaging his own efforts?


At night, Jean and Ilse travel to a factory owned by Flegel's father to try and discover information on him. They eventually learn that many of the products manufactured there are sold at the school, influencing the students subtly into voting for Flegel due to name recognition.

Despite this, Ilse believes they need something more definitive that shows Flegel and his father's company are purposely doing it. After searching a few rooms, Jean spots a banner on the wall blatantly announcing the company's intent to keep Flegel as the student body president. They take photographic evidence and quickly leave the premises.

Unfortunately, the story is refused to be printed by the school newspaper; furious, Jean heads off to start moping when he overhears Flegel talking to a few other students; hearing that Flegel is using his father's influence to buy the election, Jean works with Ilse to spring a trap for him. That afternoon, they are able to lure Flegel with a donut and capture him.

Using the evidence they gathered, Jean and Ilse try blackmailing Flegel to dropping out of the race. However, Jean admits to having shallow reasons for running as student body president; this causes Ilse to untie Flegel, beat Jean with a book and sever their alliance. She later enters the race too and succeeds in becoming student body president. Her insistence on implementing a new healthy school lunch program, however, leads to mass riots and she is swiftly unseated as president; Marco is then selected as the new president, much to his surprise.

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