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Dot Pixis is a commander of the Garrison who is in charge of the entire southern defense.


Pixis is described as a bald old man with a neatly trimmed mustache and sly eyes.


Pixis is an eccentric man who even in the midst of chaos can understand the strife and suffering of others. He is also an expert strategist and is able to gauge situations carefully.


Rosalie Dumarque and Jackson Cunningham are brought to Pixis by Charles Dumarque to plead for a lesser sentencing after the duo had been accused of committing treason by Woermann. As Lord Dumarque and Woermann bicker, they are halted by Pixis who is more focused on retaking Trost from the Titans. However, he finds time to listen to Rosalie's testimony. Afterwards, Rosalie and Cunningham are declared traitors by Pixis, to be executed in accordance to the laws of the Garrison. Pixis chooses to execute the two himself as a public execution would damper morale. However, he decides the way of execution would be carried out by the duo being reassigned to the Survey Corps under Erwin.



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