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Dot Pixis (ドット・ピクシス Dotto Pikushisu?) is a teacher at Attack Junior High School.


Pixis is an old man with notable wrinkles on his forehead, around and under his eyes. He is bald, has a distinguished mustache and wears a suit.


He is a kind person as he offered to help Nile out of his dire situation and took it upon himself to clear all the misunderstandings. He also seemed to be a good-humored person, who had a casual approach towards situations. In spite of his plan not working, he laughed at Nile's remarks and did not take his outrage seriously.


One day, Pixis approaches Nile, who is embarrassed after being allegedly accused of having an affair with a younger teacher. Pixis decides to help Nile rebuild his reputation and tells him that he has a good idea and asks Nile to meet him the next day. However, the next morning, the school newspaper publishes an article about Nile having affairs even with Titans. Exasperated, Nile confronts Pixis and claims that Pixis's idea was even worse than the previous one offered by Hannes. Pixis fails to understand Nile's outrage and offers an even more absurd solution.[1] Later, when Darius Zackly writes a story on Nile's socks, Pixis comments that Nile has good taste in socks.[2]


  • Nile Dok - Pixis seems to enjoy teasing Nile and does not take him very seriously.[1]