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Quote1 If we humans go extinct, it won't be because we were eaten by Titans! It'll be because we killed ourselves off! We cannot afford to die any further inside. I kindly ask of you! Please die here! Quote2
— Pyxis motivates the soldiers[1]

Dot Pyxis (ドット・ピクシス Dotto Pikushisu?) was the Garrison Regiment's top officer of the southern territory (南側領土最高責任者 Minamigawa Ryōdo Saikō Sekininsha?), which includes Trost District. He was often simply addressed as "commander" (司令 Shirei?). In matters of defense, he was given full authority.

Sometime after ingesting Zeke's spinal fluid, Pyxis was transformed into a Pure Titan during the Marleyan surprise attack on Shiganshina District, and was killed by Armin Arlelt.


Pyxis was a bald man with a structured build. He had gold eyes and a distinguished mustache, with light skin and notable wrinkles under and around his eyes. As a commander, he also wore a purple bolo tie, much like his fellow commanders Erwin Smith and Nile Dawk. As the highest ranking Garrison officer, he was only seen wearing his Garrison uniform paired with a white button-up shirt and a red sash with gold trim.


Pyxis was an eccentric man. While observing Titans breaching Wall Rose, he said he would not mind being eaten by a Titan if "it happened to be a stunning beauty." He retained a calm, and light-hearted demeanor, even in the midst of chaos, and he understood the strife and suffering of others, as he was seen allowing soldiers who wanted to leave because he understood the extreme amounts of terror and fear in those soldiers.[1] Yet, Pyxis was an effective leader, as seen when he quiets all the soldiers attempting mutiny and successfully convinces them to continue fighting to retake Trost. He was an expert strategist and was able to gauge a situation carefully, but also knew when to take risks, which lead to his decision to trust Eren Jaeger to stop the breach. However, he stated himself that he was a sore loser, and along with this, he says that the idea of giving up to the Titans made him sick, representing his determination to attempt to defeat the Titans and save humanity.[1] He was a man who made smart choices, putting Ian Dietrich in charge of the elite squads protecting Eren proved to be a wise move as Rico Brzenska and Mitabi Jarnach both called that they should give up on the operation, which Ian denied, that eventually led to being a success.


A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence[]

When the 104th Cadet Corps participates in a mock defense of Trost District, Pyxis is given charge over them, but would frequently doze off during their training.

Afterward, Pyxis comes across three cadets, Jean Kirschtein, Sasha Braus, and Conny Springer, fighting with each other. Insisting that they should not use their training as an excuse to one-up each other, Pyxis suggests that they settle their differences via a cooking competition, which he will judge.

Once Jean and Sasha have prepared their dishes, Pyxis tastes Sasha's dish first, a slab of meat. He is so impressed by the taste, that he momentarily experiences a hallucination in which he fights off numerous Titans, before growing to the size of a Titan himself, at which point he is confronted by a number of cadets who are able to transform themselves into Titans. He next tastes Jean's dish which, to everyone's surprise, is a simple omelet. Even more surprising, he crowns Jean the victor, explaining to an enraged Sasha that she lost because she relied on meat alone.[2]

The Struggle for Trost arc[]

While playing chess with Lord Wald, a soldier brings Pyxis news that Wall Rose has been breached, and that Titans are invading Trost. Pyxis decides to head over to the scene, calmly refusing the noble's request to stay and protect his property.[3]

Pyxis stops the captain

Pyxis stops Woermann from giving the command to fire again

After it is discovered that Eren Jaeger can transform into a Titan, Eren is sentenced to death. Pyxis, however, happens to be nearby when Armin Arlelt gives a passionate speech in defense of his friend, vouching for the strategic and tactical benefits that he could bring to turn the tide of the battle. The Garrison captain in charge, Kitz Woermann, is not swayed, but as he is about to give the kill order, Dot Pyxis stops him, believing Armin's words.[4]

Pyxis brings the three soldiers on top of Wall Rose and clears up the matter of Eren's transformation by saying he will see the proof in Eren's basement. He questions Armin about his plan to use Eren's Titan form to seal the hole in Wall Rose and is so encouraged he decides to use it. He calls up his staff officers to begin planning for the assault. However, the Garrison, already extremely low on manpower and morale after the evacuation, is in no condition to fight again and many soldiers attempt to mutiny in order to spend the little time they have left with their families.

Pyxis announces the mission's objective

Pyxis announces the mission's objective

In order to give the soldiers hope, he introduces Eren as being a part of a secret government experiment to turn humans into Titans to fight them on equal footing. Unsurprisingly, Pyxis is not taken seriously and most of the soldiers turn to leave, some even fighting each other. Finally, he gives an order to pardon all deserters, which shocks higher ranking soldiers. However, he states that by leaving, they will put their families at risk and expose them to the same terror that has paralyzed themselves. This argument convinces the soldiers to reassemble their ranks and begin the operation.[1] Pyxis assembles an elite squad, placing Ian Dietrich in charge. He gives the elite squad the orders to protect Eren Jaeger, whilst acting at their own discretion.[1]

Pyxis reflects on the troops he had sacrificed by authorizing the operation to retake Trost District. He admits he would gladly be remembered as a murderer for the sake of mankind's survival. He continues to oversee the operation, ordering his men to continue luring the Titans to the corner of town, and keeps this stance even once the elite squad meet difficulty.[5] Pyxis' operation ends in success, and mankind's first victory over the Titans, with the gate to Trost being successfully plugged. Pyxis then deploys reinforcements to rescue the elite troops.[6]

Eve of the Counterattack arc[]

Pyxis later meets Commander Erwin Smith atop the Wall, and the two speak about the trial to be held to decide Eren's fate. Pyxis informs Erwin that the outcome of the trial will be decided by Dhalis Zachary, depending on if Eren is beneficial or not to mankind. Later, Pyxis attends the trial. When questioned by Dhalis Zachary, he informs the courtroom that it is impossible to launch an expedition from Trost.[7]

Clash of the Titans arc[]

Pyxis is informed about Wall Rose

Pyxis is informed that Wall Rose has been breached

Pyxis receives word from a member of the Garrison that Wall Rose has been breached.[8] The next day, he is found sleeping atop the Wall in Trost, until his aide, Anka Rheinberger, awakens him with a slap. He is scolded for drinking too much alcohol, and told that she does not want to care for him by changing his nappy. Anka reports the lack of Titans spotted within Wall Rose and he surmises from this that the Wall has not been breached. Erwin Smith arrives shortly and Pyxis congratulates him for capturing the Female Titan. He also hopes that the invasion of Wall Rose will convince the nobles in the interior to reconsider their motives.[9]

Shortly thereafter, one of his soldiers reports in, confirming that Wall Rose is still intact. Pyxis is informed that three Scout Regiment recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps are Titans. The Garrison's advance squad witnessed a fight break out on top of Wall Rose between the Scouts and the Armored and Colossal Titans, but the fight was over by the time they were able to help.[9]

Following the rescue of Eren Jaeger, Pyxis meets with Levi and Erwin at the latter's bedside, since Erwin lost an arm in the battle. Hange Zoë reports in along with Conny Springer regarding their findings at Ragako Village. Pyxis asks if that is the village the Titan invasion originated from and Hange confirms it. Hange has a hypothesis that the villagers and the Titans are the same.[10]

Royal Government arc[]

Pyxis and Erwin confer

Pyxis and Erwin confer

Pyxis receives a letter from Erwin, informing him that he plans to orchestrate a rebellion against the royal government. Pyxis visits Erwin immediately to confirm Erwin's intentions. Erwin reassures Pyxis that, depending on whether his suspicions are correct, they will be able to take power peaceably, rather than by force. As he waits for confirmation of his theory, Erwin tells Pyxis the story of how his father died.[11]

As Erwin finishes his story, Hange and Moblit arrive with information that the Reiss family is the true royal family, and that Historia is the next in line for the throne. Erwin explains to Pyxis that he plans on rescuing her, and then publicly installing her as Queen in order to force a regime change. Sufficiently pleased with Erwin's plan for a bloodless coup, Pyxis agrees to support it and departs.[11]

Pyxis soon devises a plan to determine whether or not to execute the coup. He decides to test whether or not the current government is worthy to continue operating, by faking an announcement that Wall Rose has been breached during Erwin's trial. If the government officials elect to allow refugees into Wall Sina for shelter, despite the food shortages that would be caused, then he will turn himself, and all of his accomplices, over to them for judgement. If the idea of civil war and the endangering of their own livelihoods leads them to turn away the refugees however, the military will know that they are unfit to lead and must be replaced.[12]

Pyxis is among the military commanders that attend Erwin's trial. When asked for his input during the trial, Pyxis claims that he does not want to be associated with the Scouts, preferring to avoid the human vs. human conflicts that the Scouts are seemingly instigating. After hearing Pyxis' input, the nobles confer and announce that Erwin will be executed for treason.

Pyxis orders assisting evacuees

Pyxis orders assisting evacuees

On the heals of the sentencing, Anka arrives and announces that Wall Rose has been breached. Pyxis begins to give evacuation orders for the refugees but is stopped when the capital officials decree that no refugees will be allowed to enter Wall Sina. Satisfied with their reactions, Pyxis discreetly sends Anka to fetch Premier Dhalis Zachary and his soldiers. Zachary arrives shortly, revealing that the breach of Wall Rose was a ruse, and Pyxis announces everyone's role in rooting out the corruption present within the royal government. Erwin is then released and the officials are then taken into custody for valuing their wealth over the lives of the people.[12]

The nobles do not bother trying to keep any secrets, freely telling everything they know to the military, including the information that the Reiss family has the power to alter the populace's memories, which will allow them to take back rule from the military. Upon learning of this, Pyxis informs Erwin, telling him that unless they recover Eren before he is devoured, Rod Reiss will be able to completely undo all of their work. Pyxis unhappily states that he, unlike Erwin, is not a fan of gambling, and only backed the coup because he felt it was in humanity's best interests. Had the government proved him wrong, and put mankind's survival first, he would have been prepared to stand with them and fight off Zachary's troops. As he leaves, Pyxis solemnly wonders when humans will stop fighting against each other.[13]

Pyxis later attends Historia's coronation, joining the other heads of the military in bowing to her in front of the populace as she is crowned.[14]

The military discusses the syringe

Pyxis and company discusses the syringe

Pyxis, Erwin, Hange, Levi, and Zachary have a private meeting to discuss the injection that Kenny gave Levi. Hange explains that analyzing it is impossible because the fluid evaporates in contact with air. Pyxis then decides that it must be used for the purpose it was made for, to allow a human to become a Titan and then take the power of the Titans. Erwin decides to entrust the vial to Levi because he is their strongest soldier with the highest chance of survival. Levi will have the freedom to use it based on his judgment of the situation.

On the evening of the mission to retake Wall Maria, Pyxis stands among the other military leaders, saluting the Scout Regiment farewell before their expedition to Shiganshina District.[15]

Return to Shiganshina arc[]

As Armin Arlelt explains his plan for victory against the Colossal Titan to Eren, Pyxis sits with the other military leaders drinking tea and worrying if the operation to retake Wall Maria and humanity's land will be successful.[16]

Pyxis suggests releasing information to the public

Pyxis suggests releasing information to the public

Pyxis attends the meeting to debrief the survivors of the mission to reclaim Wall Maria.[17] When it is suggested that the information recovered from Eren's basement be kept from the public, Pyxis argues that deceiving the public will make the current government no better than the one they overthrew.[18]

Marley arc[]

The following year, Pyxis attends another meeting to discuss Zeke Jaeger's request for an alliance. Despite some officials wanting to go against the plan, he says they should hear what Zeke has to say before forming an official decision.[19]

Later, when meeting with the delegation from Hizuru, Pyxis acknowledges that Paradis is extremely behind the other nations of the world and advises some of the more skeptical officials present that they agree to Hizuru's alliance.[20]

Pyxis laments having to detain the Volunteers

Pyxis laments having to detain the Volunteers

After the Scout Regiment returns from its raid on Liberio in 854, Pyxis meets with the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers and receives a box of Titan serums from Yelena that were stolen from Marley. Despite knowing that it will be difficult to duplicate without any resources, Pyxis thanks them for their efforts in securing the samples. He acknowledges that Yelena and her group have given them hope and lead the way to freedom with receiving nothing from Paradis in return. Despite this, Pyxis asks that Yelena and her group turn a blind eye for now on Paradis' weaknesses and insists that for the time being, Zeke will have to be in custody.[19]

War for Paradis arc[]

Pyxis questions Yelena

Pyxis questions Yelena

Pyxis later visits Yelena in her cell, accompanied by Anka. He notes that, 10 months prior, there was a sudden change in the soldier responsible for keeping an eye on her to Floch Forster, currently detained for divulging sensitive information. He reads that Floch had taken her to a private lodging nearby to Eren's residence, around the time Eren had begun to take more unauthorized actions. Having finished reading off his suspicions, Pyxis sits down and admits he is glad to have the opportunity to talk with such a beautiful lady.[21]

To Pyxis's surprise, Yelena immediately admits to meeting with Eren and apologizes for keeping it hidden until now. Yelena claims that she only advised Eren to do something to energize the military's efforts, but Pyxis points out that if that were the case she could have just talked to the military directly. After hearing that the Volunteers were not allowed to meet him even in public, Pyxis wonders if Yelena possibly losing the trust of Paradis was worth going behind their back and seeing Eren in private.

Pyxis accuses Yelena of manipulating Eren

Pyxis accuses Yelena of manipulating Eren

He accuses Yelena of manipulating Eren towards Zeke's will, but Yelena passionately denies any ulterior motives other than wanting to meet Zeke's brother due to her own curiosity and a desire to help Eldia. Pyxis tells her that he wants to believe that, but tells her that she is terrible at lying.

After hearing that Dhalis Zachary was assassinated, Pyxis is named as the acting Commander-in-chief of the military. After listening to Hange's theory about the group's ulterior motive, he asks how many are aware of Zeke's location. He orders the three soldiers not currently with Levi be brought in and asks Nile Dawk and several Miltary Police soldiers to check that Historia's residence is secure. Ordering both areas safeguarded, Pyxis orders Armin to use his Titan ability to fortify the area if needed.

Pyxis suggests surrendering to Eren

Pyxis suggests surrendering to Eren

He then reveals that he plans to surrender to the rebel group; while the others are stunned by this, Pyxis clarifies that he will not submit to the Jaeger brothers but hope to be able to use Zeke's location as a means to negotiate with them. After dismissing the soldiers, he apologizes to Kiyomi Azumabito who was present during the exchange. Knowing they can not effectively protect her, Pyxis tells Kiyomi to stay in the harbor for her own safety.[22]

Despite his words, Pyxis begins searching for an opportunity to abduct Eren in order to confiscate the Founding Titan. After Zeke activates his scream from the Titan Forest, Pyxis suffers a reaction alongside those who had drunk Marleyan wine. Immediately after, Pyxis comes to the realization that Zeke has snared them.[23]

With the realization that most of the military's officials have fallen into Zeke's trap, more soldiers begin to join the Jaegerists to ensure that they are not turned into Titans, forcing Pyxis to surrender unconditionally. He is brought to attend a meeting with Yelena, noting as they begin discussions that Eldians who joined the Jaegerists sooner are apparently being given special treatment over Eldians who drank Zeke's spinal fluid.

Pyxis likens Yelena's actions to Marleyans'

Pyxis likens Yelena's actions to Marleyans'

Pyxis criticizes her for adopting the same practices of oppression that Marley used on her people, claiming that she will only create more enemies for herself. He is caught off guard when Yelena begins to lament that they would have been able to save the world if Paradis had cooperated, pointing out that the plan to release the Colossal Titans would only save Paradis, but Yelena refuses to clarify what she meant.

Marley successfully launch their surprise attack on Paradis Island and Eren transforms to take on the Jaw Titan. In his prison cell, Pyxis is alerted by the commotion on the rooftop of the building.[24]

Pyxis lays out the plan of battle

Pyxis lays out the plan of battle

After being released alongside the other prisoners to fight against Marley, Pyxis instructs those without armbands be given first priority to the limited number of ODMG available while those who drank the tainted wine should follow him to the front lines.[25]

During the battle, Pyxis is seen leading a group of soldiers on horseback in an attempt to flank the enemy from behind. After Zeke screams, Pyxis sees his and his men's bodies begin to glow and, realizing what this means, resigns himself to his fate as he is transformed into a Pure Titan.[26]

Armin kills Pyxis's Pure Titan

Pyxis is killed

Pyxis is amongst a group of Titans which swarm Shiganshina's military headquarters to devour the soldiers inside. However, the soldiers rally together to launch a counterattack. Pyxis's Pure Titan is spotted by Armin Arlelt who expresses gratitude for Pyxis's guidance as he fires a Thunder Spear which brings an end to the former commander.[27]


  • The name "Pyxis" may refer to the constellation "Pyxis Nautica" - Latin for "The Naval Compass."
  • In 2010, Isayama posted a blog post admitting that Dot Pyxis was modeled after General Yoshifuru Akiyama, a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, of whom Isayama said: "I respect for leading such a simple and frugal life."[28] This brought a large controversy and even death threats against the mangaka that lasted for years (and may still continue to this day) from sectors of the population where Yoshifuru is deeply hated. [29][30] Like Pixis, Akiyama was also a heavy drinker.
  • In an issue of Bessatsu Magazine, Isayama revealed that Pyxis is married and has children.[31]