The Ehrmich District (エルミハ区 Erumiha-ku?) is a walled city located on the south edge of Wall Sheena.


Clash of the Titans arc

Refugees flood Ehrmich district

Refugees flood Ehrmich District

A group including Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Hange Zoë, and Nick passes through Ehrmich District on their way to investigate the appearance of Titans within Wall Rose. Due to the assumption that Wall Rose had been breached, the district is filled with refugees trying to evacuate to Wall Sheena.[1]

The Survey Corps are briefly stationed in Ehrmich as they assemble and organize their forces to deal with the breach of Wall Rose. After squads have been assigned and other crucial business is taken care of, the Scouts move out to find the breach and regroup with their other comrades.[2]



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