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Elena (エレナ Erena?)[1][2] (also spelled as Elena Mansell in the Vertical translation of the light novel) was the mother of Kuklo, and the widow of Heath Mansel. She was a prominent figure in a Titan Cult that let a Titan enter Wall Maria.


Elena was a woman of average height with long wavy hair that reached her lower back. She had a mole to the bottom right of her mouth. After joining the Titan Cult she was seen wearing a long-sleeved patterned dress and matching shawl, as well as a pair of dark-colored ankle length boots. At the time of her death, she was heavily pregnant with Kuklo.


The Titan's Son arc

After her husband dies during an expedition, her grief causes her to become involved in a mysterious cult that worships the Titans.[3] While heavily pregnant, she leads a mob in demanding that the gates be opened and the people allowed to leave. When the gate is opened in the chaos, a Titan enters and devours her.[4] Her corpse is later vomited out, and it is discovered by soldiers Sorum Humé and Carlo Pikale.[5] They witness strange movement so the men cut her open and discover that her infant son miraculously survived his mother's death.[6]


  • Heath Mansel - It is believed that Elena deeply loved her husband. After his death, she became inconsolable with grief.