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Elin is one of the two protagonists of The Titan's Laugh, the fourth short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology, along with Den. She is a member of the 104th Training Corps.


Elin has dark eyes and short brown hair tied into two small buns on the back of her head. She wears the standard uniform of the Training Corps with a light brown shirt underneath.


Elin values her friendship with Den and joins the Training Corps with him despite her negative views on the army. She enjoys reading jokes from a joke book with Den.


Elin and Den read jokes

Den and Elin read some jokes

In Shiganshina District in the year 845, Elin and Den run into an alleyway to escape members of the Garrison after stealing some food. The two lose the Garrison members and overhear one of them saying that he would throw them to the Titans if he caught them. The two sit on top of a cellar door and Elin questions why the soldiers would say something so cruel. Den claims that not all soldiers are bad but Elin disagrees saying that even if Den thinks the Survey Corps are heroes, it is still all one army.[1]

As the two are eating their bread the cellar door suddenly collapses and they fall into the cellar. Elin suggests that they leave before the owner can come back but Den tells her that he wants to look around. Den opens a chest to find a joke book and asks what a joke is. Elin tells him to read the book to find out. Den reads a joke to Elin and the two laugh at it.[2]

Elin is defeated

Elin is defeated

As Den continues to read jokes he is interrupted by a loud noise coming from outside. The two leave the cellar and climb onto the rooftop. From the rooftop, they see a Colossus Titan peering over Wall Maria. The two of them run away to a ship as Titans invade the town. Den tells Elin that if they survive, Den will join the Survey Corps and find a way to kill all the Titans.[3]

The two join the Training Corps and five years after the fall of Wall Maria they stand in Trost District and look upon the town. Elin thanks Den for staying with her over the years and Den comments that the joke book helped them get through dark times. Suddenly a Titan kicks down the gate at Trost District and the two soldiers look behind them to see the Titan staring back at them.[4]

Elin asks about the death cause of the Titan

Elin asks about the Titan's death

Twenty minutes later, Elin attempts to attack a Titan but the Titan grabs the line of Elin's vertical maneuvering equipment and throws her through the window of a building. The Titan reaches into the building to grab Elin's leg. Den attempts to kill the Titan to save her but the Titan grabs him with its hand causing Elin to shout in sadness. As the Titan is about to eat Den, he tells the Titan one last joke. To Elin's surprise, the Titan drops Den and laughs itself to death. Elin questions the Titan's death.[5]