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Ellie (エリー Erī?) is a young girl from the Calaneth District. She and her brother witness the departure and comeback of the Scout Regiment on the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission.


Ellie is a small girl that has golden hair tied into two ponytails, with big, brown eyes.


Not many things are known about her personality. She appears to be an innocent and shy girl, which can be seen when Eren Jaeger sees her, making her feeling nervous. Unlike her brother, she seems to be more quiet and calmer, as she did not scream loudly about the Scout Regiment.[1]


The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Upon the return of the Scout Regiment from their 57th Expedition to reclaim Wall Maria, she is seen jumping up and down in an attempt to see over the large crowd of people. Her brother calls for her, telling her to climb up a ladder with him so that the two of them can see.

Ellie and her brother climb the ladder and look at the Scout Regiment. Eren Jaeger, provoked by the comments of the people in the crowd, sits up; Mikasa Ackermann then points out Ellie and her brother to Eren. Eren looks at the two children on the ladder, and the boy marvels as the Scout Regiment passes by, amazed and exalted by the fact that they continue to fight despite their losses. When the boy looks at Eren, a brief memory of Eren and Mikasa as children appears, with Eren running alongside Mikasa to go see the Scout Regiment, who had just returned.[1]