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Elliot G. Stratmann (エリオット・G・ストラットマン Eriotto G Sutorattoman?) is the president of the Marleen Company, a trading business in Stohess District.


Elliot is a rugged man with a stern glance and broad shoulders. His eyes are brown, and he keeps his dirty blond hair combed back. He also has a thick mustache. When he is seen, he wears a well-made suit.


Elliot appears to be rather indifferent to most facets of life. Although he immediately reports when his daughter goes missing, he is apparently unfazed by the lack of urgency displayed by the Military Police. This detached attitude can again be seen in his reaction to learning that a new recruit has been assigned to look for his daughter, casually lamenting the fact that his tax dollars are being used to pay for a corrupt police force.


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

Due to the abandonment of Wall Maria, Elliot's company lost many business partners and shrunk in scale, leaving behind only their carriage services. His daughter wishes to help Elliot get back his wealth and utilizes her degree in chemistry in order to produce a drug known as coderoin.

Elliot hires people to act as carriage drivers in order to hide the trade of coderoin. Elliot makes a deal with Carly to only sell the drug in the royal capital and in return, she will make as much as he needs. However, Elliot breaks his end of the promise and starts to sell outside of the royal capital, frustrating Carly. Carly runs away with her lover and coderoin dealer, Kemper Boltz.

Elliot hires two thugs named Lou and Wald to find his daughter. Elliot then finds out that the two thugs partnered up with Kemper and are holding Carly hostage in order to blackmail him for money. He arranges a handoff date for several days later. During the days leading up to the handoff, Elliot submits a search request for his daughter to the Military Police Regiment.

Elliot talks about Carly's disappearance

On the morning before the Scout Regiment's 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Elliot is visited by a Military Police officer, Annie Leonhart. Annie states that she wishes to find out more about Carly's disappearance, to which Elliot seems unsurprised that his daughter is still missing, even after ten days. He asks if the Military Police is incompetent, and Annie agrees with him. Elliot claims that she is lying, saying that they are negligent for not conducting a search at all. Annie agrees, but Elliot claims again that she is lying since a truly negligent system would not bother to send her over in the first place. Impressed with the man's intuition, Annie informs him that she is the first person to follow up on the report after it had gone through two other policemen. Elliot asks her how long she has been in the Military Police and is bitterly amused when Annie informs him that she has been in the MPs for only a month. Elliot tells Annie that he believes her to be trustworthy, and asks her to find his daughter.

Elliot explains that two days before she was reported missing, Carly did not show up for dinner with him, a tradition in their household regardless of their busy schedules. Annie asks many questions concerning Carly, but Elliot responds to each saying that he knows little about his own daughter. Their dinners together every day are held on the condition that neither would interfere with each other's business. Elliot tells Annie that their family returned to Stohess District three years after Carly had graduated from Einrich College with a major in chemistry. Annie asks if Carly could have come across an enemy of Marleen Company, but Elliot dismisses the idea, saying that he had not received any kidnapping ransom. Elliot is unsure if Carly could have left out of spite since they have cooperated in living together since her mother's death.

The conversation is cut short by a loud knocking at Stratmann's door. Then Elliot sends his butler to answer the door. The butler returns with a letter left by the visitor. Elliot reads the letter to learn that it is a letter from Kemper, asking to meet up at his apartment and bring money in exchange for his daughter. He asks Annie why she joined the Military Police, to which Annie says that it was for a peaceful life in the Interior. Annie leaves with no more questions and no real clues.

Elliot ends up killing Kemper

Elliot goes to Kemper's apartment where he talks with Kemper. Sometime during their conversation, Elliot kills Kemper. Kemper's neighbor starts to complain about the noise and Elliot hides the corpse before running away. Sometime later, Elliot is visited by Wald because Lou spots Annie at Pid Lidors bar looking for Carly.

In an attempt to frame Wald and Lou for Kemper's murder, Elliot tells Wald that Annie is working alone and heading to Kemper's apartment. Elliot figures that if he can get Annie to arrest the thugs his involvement in the coderoin trade will be found out, but he could easily pay off the MP. Elliot goes to the MP district in order to talk with Annie but when he arrives another officer informs him that Annie is out. He tells the officer to write a note to her and leave a message for him. In his message, he tells Annie that Kemper informed him that two men had started to look for Carly and that Kemper had become a target of these men. He tells the officer that Kemper would like to meet with Annie at his apartment.[1]

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two

Later, during the night, Annie visits Elliot once again. He asks Annie if she thinks his daughter will return. Annie tells him that she does not think Carly will return and if she does it would be after a long time. Elliot tells Annie that he does not think Carly will ever return. Annie questions Elliot about the type of cigarette he is smoking, and he explains that they were once made inside Wall Maria but after the fall he is most likely the only one who is able to smoke them.

Annie then claims that Elliot killed Kemper, which Elliot claims is ridiculous. Annie explains her theory, however, Elliot claims it is just a creation of her imagination. Annie explains to Elliot that she found cigarette butts matching the brand of cigarettes Elliot smokes at Kemper's apartment. Elliot claims that this is just circumstantial evidence. Annie then retorts saying that if Elliot did not kill Kemper, he would have had no reason to withhold information about Kemper during their initial conversation.

Elliot finally confesses, stating that Kemper had no intention of returning Carly and only wanted to get Elliot drunk in order to steal his money. Annie explains that she does not care why he did it. Annie halts the conversation to ask Elliot to stop smoking. When Elliot objects, she snatches the cigarette out of his hand, saying that she has had enough of everyone smoking or drinking during her task that day. Elliot asks her why she is so irritated, and Annie says that she is tired and anxious for tomorrow's mission. Elliot requests that he should be allowed to smoke in jail, but Annie lets him know that he is not going to jail.

Elliot after disposing of Kemper's body

Together, Elliot and Annie dispose of Kemper's corpse in the industrial waste area of Stohess District. Elliot asks why Annie helped him dispose of Kemper's corpse, and she says she is doing it for her own sake. As Elliot drives Annie to the MP quarters via a carriage, they discuss Elliot's inevitable financial trouble in the future. Annie asks why he and Carly always had dinner together. Elliot admits that their dinners were for discussion of their coderoin trade. He asks her what sort of discussions she has with her own father, and Annie says it is nothing important.

As Elliot and Annie part ways, Elliot lets Annie know that she is welcome for dinner at his home at any time. Annie lets him know that such a thing is unlikely since if her mission tomorrow succeeds, she will be able to return to her hometown.[2]

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