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Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann (エリオット・グーンベルグ・ストラットマン Eriotto Gūnberugu Sutorattoman?) is the president of the Marleen Company, a trading business in Stohess District.


Elliot is a rugged man with a stern glance and broad shoulders. His eyes are gray, and he keeps his silver hair combed back. He also has a thick mustache. When he is seen, he wears a well-made suit.



Elliot married an unnamed woman and had a daughter with her named Carly Stratmann. His wife died several years later. In the year 843, Elliot became the chairman of the Marleen Company. Due to the abandonment of Wall Maria, Elliot's company lost many business partners and shrunk in scale, leaving behind only their carriage services.[1] His daughter wished to help Elliot get back his wealth and utilized her degree in chemistry in order to produce a drug known as Coderoin.[2]

Elliot hired people to act as carriage drivers in order to hide the trade of coderoin. Elliot made a deal with Carly to only sell the drug in the royal capital and in return, she would make as much as he needed. However, Elliot broke his end of the promise and started to sell outside of the royal capital, frustrating Carly. Carly ran away with her lover and a dealer of coderoin, Wayne Eisner.[3]

Wald hired two thugs named Lou Meade and Wald Richter to find his daughter. Elliot finds out that the two thugs partnered up with Wayne and were holding Carly hostage in order to blackmail Elliot for money. He arranges a handoff date for several days later.[4] During the days leading up to the handoff, Elliot submits a search request for his daughter to the Military Police Brigade.[5]

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