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Enter the Hot-Blooded Teacher! (登場! 熱血先生!! Tōjō! Nekketsu Sensei! !?) is the 3rd chapter of the 8th volume and the 55th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


A substitute teacher arrives to Attack Junior High School named Frieda Reiss and unbeknown to the students is the half sister of Krista. As she tries to resist revealing her connection to Krista, the other students are taken back by her strange behavior and Ymir is convinced Frieda has an ulterior motive for taking a teaching job at the school.


Frieda enters Attack Junior High

Frieda Riess arrives to Attack Junior High for her first day as a substitute teacher. Commenting on how it resembles a prison, she ponders as to why her half sister Krista attends the school; she is taken back when she hears Krista's voice calling out to another of her classmates. Despite wishing to call out to her, Frieda resists and goes inside.

As the school day starts, Frieda introduces herself as Class 3's substitute teacher and begins going down the attendance sheet; when reaching Krista, Frieda stops and begins staring at her. When Krista asks if something is wrong, Frieda brushes it off as nothing and wipes the drool coming from her mouth; soon after, she begins having a nosebleed which she claims is due to the weather outside. Ymir begins having suspicions and warns Krista to be mindful of her; just then, Krista is called on to continue the class reading, and she apologizes for not paying attention. Frieda issues a punishment to her and orders her to stay inside for lunch; sensing something is still off about her, Ymir joins them both.

Krista, Ymir and Frieda have lunch

During lunch, Ymir bluntly asks why Frieda is being notably nicer to Krista than the other students, mentioning she and Krista have a special relationship. This causes Frieda to begin breaking down and reveals she is Krista's half sister before running off much to both Krista and Ymir's confusion. Frieda recalls a conversation with her father who said that while it was interesting Frieda is teaching at the same school Krista attends, she cannot reveal their familial connection. She then starts wailing that it is not worth being a teacher if she is unable to see Krista, drawing a crowd of students around her in confusion.

Frieda reveals the truth

Krista comes over asking if something is wrong and Frieda says that she just loves her students; Krista says she loves her too and this causes Frieda to start crying again. Ymir walks up to Frieda and plays a recording she made of her monologue, making it clear she knows of Frieda and Krista being half sisters. This causes Frieda to immediately stop crying and stare off into space while Ymir walks off with Krista.

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