Equestrian Club (お馬さん倶楽部 Oma-san kurabu?) is the 22nd chapter of the 1st volume and the 22nd chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


The trainees take their first horse riding lesson.


Reiner introduces himself to the horse

Reiner introduces himself to the horse

Fascinated on seeing a horse, Eren asks Krista if she had ever ridden one. Krista claims to have ridden several of them and says she gets along well with them. Eren takes a look at Jean and states that he never got along with horses, which infuriates Jean. Krista is assigned to a horse, whom she is pleased to meet. However, due to an error in the assignment, she is given the horse next in line, while Reiner takes over her horse, much to the horse's dismay.

During the training, Bertolt's horse refuses to take a right turn and Bertolt strays off the course, along with his horse. While riding, Eren and Armin admire Ness's relation with his horse, Charette, and think of them as partners. But when Ness pleads Charette to not leave him again, Armin suspects they might have been ex-partners.

Jean gets mad at Eren

Jean gets mad at Eren for naming his horse after him

Suddenly, Eren loses control of his horse and is thrown off the horse. Mikasa rushes to his aid, but Eren gets back up and tells his horse, Jean, to listen to him. Jean is aggravated by the fact that Eren named his horse after him, but Eren claims it is a placeholder until he came up with something better. Mikasa intervenes and tells Eren that he should not name his horse after a comrade, which displeases Jean, as he had named his horse after Mikasa for a while.

The horse riding lesson is concluded. Eren complains about his behind hurting, but Krista says that it is only normal and would stop after he got a hang of it. Just then, an emergency call is made and the trainees again set out in search for Bertolt, who has gone missing.

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