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Eren (エレン Eren?) is a member of the Scout Regiment with the power to transform into the Mysterious Titan in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2, and the main protagonist of both movies. He is the live-action counterpart of Eren Yeager from the original Attack on Titan manga and is portrayed by the late Haruma Miura.


Eren has short hair with it just barely parted around his eyes. He wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform.


Eren is determined to achieve his goal to kill all the Titans. Years before he joined the military, Eren had a life-changing realization after the Titans invaded his home village. This affected his mindset to join the military despite the dangers.


Eren was born in the town of Monzen, and his father would forcibly test experimental serums on him. When Eren was still a child a Military Police squadron broke into his house and killed his parents, burning the house in order to destroy his father's research. Eren only survived with the help of his father's assistant, Souda. He would eventually meet and befriend Mikasa and Armin.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

After getting fired from his latest job, Eren goes to the outskirts of Monzen to observe a missle that has been embedded in the ground. Armin and Mikasa arrive and caution him against messing with the missle, prompting Eren to sullenly remark that he would not mind for the missle to go off and destroy the district. As they ask him about his job, Eren begins confronting his friends about what they are planning to do with their lives, claiming that he would rather leave the walls than go further into the interior, as everyone else is. Closer inspection of the missle reveals a painting of the ocean on it, and noting that his friends are both fascinated by it, Eren suggests going to see it in person.

The three youths sneak past the Garrison's outposts to the base of the wall. Eren is baffled to learn that Armin and Mikasa do not want to leave the walls with him, and ridicules them for believing that the Titans are actually real. They are spotted by a Garrison patrol, and a resulting brawl is stopped only by the intervention of Souda, who volunteers to reprimand the youths himself. As the rest of the patrol leaves, Souda reveals to Eren that a new military regiment is being formed to begin reclaiming land outside of the walls. Eren is ecstatic, but their conversation is cut short by the appearance of a Colossal Titan which begins attacking the wall.

Eren and his friends flee into the district, where he and Mikasa get separated from Armin. Eren drags Mikasa along with him, planning to check to see if his house has been destroyed by debris from the wall, but they become caught in the crowd. As they are swept along, notices a woman with her infant being left behind, and Eren goes to help her however, he does not notice that she has dropped her child in the commotion, and Mikasa goes back to retrieve it, getting locked out of the building that all of the citizens are locking themselves in. Eren tries to get them to open the doors to let Mikasa in, but the other survivors refuse. Eren manages to get the door open long enough to leave the building, but finds no trace of Mikasa outside.

Following the loss of the outer wall, Eren and Armin join the military and, after two years of training, are among the soldiers that will participate in the mission to reseal the Wall. On the night of their departure, Eren and Armin watch as other recruits bid goodbye to their families, before going to get food. As they are getting food, they recognize Souda among the soldiers serving food, and learn that he is planning to take part in the mission as well.

As they are eating, Jean begins mocking other recruits, claiming that they will die on the mission, prompting Eren to confront him. Eren points out the Jean has never seen a Titan himself and begins to call Jean a spoiled brat. Hans interrupts their argument, but they finally begin a physical confrontation when Jean mocks Eren for abandoning Mikasa in Monzen, necessitating that Sannagi separate them.

The recruits prepare to depart for the mission, and Eren and Armin have a discussion with Sannagi about the prospects of finally returning home. As their convoy departs, the trio's discussion shifts to whether or not they will meet the "Goddess" in Shikishima's squad while they are working with him.

The convoy is forced to stop when Yunohira hears movement nearby, and all of the soldiers are assigned to check the convoy's perimeters for Titan activity. Hiana claims that she hears a baby crying nearby and goes to find it, with Eren following her. They eventually come upon an abandoned building, where they learn that the crying has been coming from an infant-like Titan, which begins screeching at the sight of them, attracting more Titans from nearby.

The two return to the convoy to find that it is leaving without them and their fellow recruits, forcing them to flee from the Titans on foot. They manage to get all the way to Omotemachi, but find their way blocked by Titans. As the Titans bear down on them, they are saved by Shikishima and Mikasa. Eren is shocked to see Mikasa alive and tries to speak to her, but she simply ignores him and leaves with her captain.

Jean confronts Eren for attracting Titans to the convoy. Not wanting to out Hiana as the one who attracted the Titans, Eren begins ridiculing Jean for his fear. In the resulting fight Eren manages to knock Jean out, but is immediately attacked by Mikasa from behind. As she leaves, Shikishima approaches Eren and, upon learning his name, requests that Eren accompany him.

Following his conversation with Shikishima, Eren finds Mikasa alone. He tries to talk to her, but she angrily reveals to him that the baby she tried to save was devoured, and that she herself was badly injured by the Titan that ate the baby. Eren tries to talk to her more, but Shikishima interrupts them. Seeing how close Mikasa and Shikishima have become, Eren leaves and begins to vent his anger outside.

Hiana finds Eren and takes him into an abandoned building where she attempts to seduce him however, they are interrupted when a Titan breaks into the building and grabs Hiana.

In the resulting chaos of the Titan attack, Eren finds Jean hiding atop a building, out of reach of the Titans. Jean suggests that they simply flee, and Eren, disgusted, leaves him behind as he goes to engage the Titans.

Eren has a hard time damaging the Titans, succeeding only in breaking his blades while fighting them. Shikishima, who has been observing him, advises Eren to fight without fear of being caught, and to always return to finish a kill if he misses the nape. Listening to Shikishima's advice, Eren manages to kill one Titan before another Titan bites off his leg.

As another Titan attempts to eat Armin, Eren manages to muster enough strength to enter the Titan's mouth and pull Armin out. However, Eren is not able to save himself and is swallowed by the Titan. Inside of the Titan's stomach, Eren is horrified and enraged at the sight of Hiana's corpse in the Titan's stomach, prompting him to transform into his Titan form. He rips his way out of the Titan and begins to roar, attracting the nearby Titans to him.

Eren proceeds to fight off all of the nearby Titans, before finally wearing himself out and collapsing outside of Omotemachi. As his Titan form begins to evaporate, the surviving soldiers cut him out of his Titan's nape.

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2

Eren wakes up, bound in a straitjacket and gagged, chained and hanging from a pole. He is surrounded by dozens of armed soldiers, and the Military Police commander Kubal announces that he must determine if Eren is a human or Titan, as he will be a threat to humanity if he is a Titan. Eren claims to be human, and despite Kubal's evidence of the decidedly inhuman things Eren has done recently, Eren does not change his stance. He asks for Shikishima, but Kubal claims that he is too busy to come to Eren's defense and orders Eren's death. The order prompts Armin to step up to defend Eren, arguing that Eren's Titan can be used to help seal the wall. Kubal is unconvinced and orders Armin to be killed as well, prompting Mikasa to also come to their defense. Souda also tries to help them, attempting to explain the science behind Eren's power, but is killed by Kubal before he can finish, only having time to warn Eren of Kubal's hand in his parents' death.

Before the three can also be killed, a White Titan bursts into the room, killing many of the soldiers in its entrance. Ignoring the surviving soldiers, the Titans makes a beeline for Eren and abducts him.

Eren awakens again in a white room with Shikishima. Shikishima explains Eren's powers to him, revealing that the Titans were created as a by product of human experimentation, which resulted in a virus that began turning ordinary civilians into mindless Titans. Shikishima also reveals that his and Eren's father is the only one who knew how to get rid of the Titans once and for all, but his death at Kubal's hands has rendered this fact useless.

They exit the basement and emerge outside, where they are greeted by sentries armed with heavy artillery weapons. Shikishima gives Eren a new set of ODM gear, and they depart for Monzen.

Arriving at the site of the crashed missile in Monzen, Eren is reunited with the surviving recruits to the Scout Regiment. Their reunion is cut short when Shikishima reveals that he does not intend to use the missile to seal the broken wall, but to breach the second wall to allow Titans even farther into the interior. Eren tries to stop his brother, but is repeatedly beaten down, necessitating that his friends save him.

They escape with the missile, but Shikishima transforms into his Titan form and gives chase. The recruits try to kill Shikishima but are unable to penetrate his armor, forcing Eren to transform and engage him as a Titan. Shikishima initially has Eren on the ropes, but Eren eventually manages to best him in hand-to-hand combat. Eren takes the missile and begins scaling the wall, taking it to the hole made by the Colossal Titan.

As they place the bomb and set its timer, they are confronted by Kubal, who intends to stop them from sealing the wall. As they prepare to fight him off, Kubal transforms into the Colossal Titan and tries to take back the missile. Eren and Jean use their ODM gear to try to stop him. Eren repeatedly tries to destroy its nape, but is unable. As he finally manages to carve his way far enough into the nape to see Kubal, he is grabbed by the Titan, but is saved when Shikishima appears and uses his Titan to hurl the missile into the Titan's jaw, detonating it.

The explosion sends Eren flying, but Mikasa manages to catch him as he is falling. They land atop the wall and together look out into the outside world.


  • Mikasa - Eren and Mikasa are a couple.[3] She is easily worried for his safety, often intervening in situations where he may not need her assistance.
  • Armin - Being Eren's childhood friend, Armin shows care for Eren's well-being and vice-versa. Eren exhibits his devotion to Armin when he sacrificed himself in Armin's stead while in the mouth of a Titan.
  • Shikishima - Eren and Shikishima had a rather estranged relationship when they first met. They shared a neutral acquaintanceship prior to Shikishima's identity being revealed as the White Titan as well as his brother.


  • Eren's uniform has a red Scout Regiment insignia.
  • Actor Haruma Miura, who portrayed Eren in the Japanese live-action movies, committed suicide on July 18th, 2020.[4]



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