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Quote1 Don't you want to know what's inside this forest? Are you fine being the same as those chickens? Which is it? Quote2
— Eren questions Mikasa's choice of life

Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー Eren Yēgā?) is the 1st chapter of the 2nd volume and the 6th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji.


During the battle of Trost District, Mikasa thinks about Eren's death and imagines a better world she could have lived in. In the year 844, Mikasa's mother teaches her an embroidery pattern known only to her family and encourages her to pass it on to her children. Their home is visited by Dr. Yeager, who introduces Mikasa to his son Eren. As Dr. Yeager checks on Mrs. Ackerman, Mikasa tells Eren that her mother is pregnant and believes she is carrying a boy. Eren says the boy should become a soldier, and he expresses his desire to see the outside world in the Survey Corps. He makes Mikasa promise not to tell anyone his secret, and the two venture outside.

Eren and Mikasa wander the woods outside of the Ackerman family home. Mikasa becomes afraid, and Eren asks her what she wants to do with her life. Eren is disappointed in her indecision, and Mikasa becomes upset. Seeing her tears, Eren comforts her and insists the forest is safe. However, not long after, they hear the sound of howling and head for the noise. They come across a pack of wild dogs eating the corpses of three civilians. After the dogs run off, they inform the adults that they discovered corpses in the woods, and the Military Police Brigade is called to investigate.

Dr. Yeager's continues to bring Eren to the Ackerman house during the checkups, and Mikasa learns about Armin. Mikasa becomes very fond of Eren's visits.


Mikasa Ackerman lies motionless on the tarp covering a marketplace stand, her vertical maneuvering equipment out of gas. She recalls Armin's words to her just moments ago, where she learned of Eren Yeager's death. The cold rain falls on her face, and she thinks back on her life.

Mrs. Ackerman tells Mikasa about the embroidery style

Mikasa's mother tells her about the embroidery style

In the year 844, Mikasa's mother teaches her a pattern of embroidery passed down throughout the generations in her family. Her mother encourages her to pass the technique down to her children when the time comes. Mikasa curiously asks her father about where babies come from, and the father sheepishly claims he does not know but that Dr. Yeager, who would be visiting soon, would perhaps know the answer. A knock is heard at the door, and Mikasa's father opens the door to greet the visitor.

Outside in the rain, Dr. Yeager greets the Ackerman family and enters with his son Eren. Dr. Yeager introduces Mikasa to Eren, who is nine years old just like her. The adults encourage the two children to play together, and Mikasa regrets that she cannot have fun with her parents. Eren and Mikasa begin to play with toys, and Mikasa tells him that her mother is pregnant and believes she is carrying a boy. Eren says that if the child is a boy, he hopes that he will become a soldier. He reveals to Mikasa that he wants to join the Survey Corps to see the world beyond the Walls. Mikasa asks why Eren would want to venture out where the Titans live, but Eren tells Mikasa to promise him that she will not tell anyone his secret or else she will be punched. She agrees, and Eren notices that the rain outside has stopped. Eren takes Mikasa outside to go exploring.

Outside of the Ackerman house, Eren and Mikasa begin to wander in the forest. Mikasa becomes worried, saying that her father does not want her wandering in the forest due to the dangerous animals and the likelihood of her getting lost, but Eren is indifferent. Mikasa tells him that she wants to go back home, and Eren returns to the topic of his dream. Saying that he wants to join the Survey Corps, Mikasa's father hunts, her mother farms and cleans the house, and her brother will become a soldier, he asks her what she plans to do with her life. Mikasa does not know the answer, and Eren is disappointed in her willingness to live ignorant of the world outside of her home. He compares her to the chickens her family raises, living in ignorance until they are killed, and he says that she too will be killed some day if she continues on her path.

Mikasa and Eren see dogs eat a body

Mikasa and Eren see dogs eat a body

Mikasa still cannot think of an answer and begins to cry. Eren apologetically hands her a handkerchief, saying that the forest is a safe place and not as big as she would expect. He admits that he has wandered in the area before on trips to the interior and is aware of what the land is like. Eren continues to explore, and Mikasa is relieved that Eren was able to ease her fears. Eren apologizes for his earlier behavior, saying that he is tired of listening to grown ups. Suddenly, the two hear howling in the distance, and Eren eagerly brings Mikasa with him to investigate. Mikasa becomes afraid, but feels that she has an obligation to witness whatever is happening. The two come across the ruins of a campsite overrun by wild dogs who have killed a trio of travelers. When the dogs spot them, they run off into the woods. Mikasa asks Eren what would be the thing that would kill her like he said, and Eren tells her that it will be a "great power."

The two return home and inform the adults of the location of the corpses but do not mention the wild dogs. Dr. Yeager makes plans to inform the Military Police Brigade, and he leaves with Eren. Some time later, Mikasa's father tells his family that the dead travelers were discovered to have been slave traders who kidnap people for money. He wonders why men like that were in the area, but soon realizes the situation upon seeing the fearful expression of his wife.

Afterward, Dr. Yeager began returning to check on Mikasa's mother every ten days, bringing Eren with him. In these later visits, the two avoided the forest and played around the house. On one of these visits, Mikasa learns about Eren's friend Armin, who Eren says is very intelligent. Mikasa wonders if Armin knows where children come from, and Eren tells her that babies are brought to mothers by a bird who puts the child in her stomach. As the two wonder how the bird carries the baby and how it gets in the mother, Dr. Yeager and Mikasa's mother watch with amusement. Eren tells Mikasa that one day he and Armin will see the outside world, and Mikasa's mother remarks that Eren and her daughter have become like siblings.

The more Eren visits Mikasa, the fonder she becomes of the Yeagers' visits to her home. As Mikasa prepares to sleep, she wonders what she and Eren will do together after ten more days.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Mikasa Ackerman
  2. Armin Arlert
  3. Mr. Ackerman (vision)
  4. Mrs. Ackerman (vision)
  5. Yeager (vision)
  6. Eren Yeager (vision)
  7. Kidnappers (corpses, vision)


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