Erwin Smith (エルヴィン・スミス Eruvin Sumisu?) is the Scout Regiment Commander.


Erwin has blond hair cleanly parted on sides and an undercut. He has blue-colored swirly eyes and a defined thickness of his eyebrows. Along with the Scout Regiment's uniform, he also wears an emerald bolo tie.


Erwin is a calm and serious person. He is aware of his rigid image and wants to change it. Thus, he makes several attempts to fit in with his subordinates by changing his look and behavior. His attempts are all unsuccessful, which deeply shakes him but never discourages him.


Erwin ponders over connecting with young soldiers

Erwin ponders over connecting with young soldiers

Erwin is in his office and worries about not being close to younger soldiers, thinking it could have decrease the number of cadets choosing to join the Scout Regiment. He realizes his behavior is too strict and decides to be more friendly. Erwin then meets Gunther and Eld. He laughs and makes jokes, which embarrasses them. Back in his office, Erwin notes his jokes were inefficient. Almost immediately, he has the idea to change his hairstyle in a more youthful one.

Erwin asks Petra a question

Erwin asks Petra a question

He goes outside and meets Petra and Oruo. Erwin proudly shows his new style and makes Petra jump as he grabs her shoulders. Noting he failed once again, Erwin changes his shirt and put glasses and a hat. After Levi's squad members show once again embarrassment towards their commander, Erwin wonders why none of his ideas worked. Levi busts in his office and asks him what is he doing, stating that his subordinates complained about him. Erwin explains him the situation and Levi advises him to meet cadets instead. Erwin goes to the cadets camp with Levi. Noticing Eren, Mikasa and Armin, he runs at them, which scares them. A Titan shows up and everyone ends up being swallowed.[1]


  • Levi - Erwin appears to be close to Levi, as he confides in him about his issues, and takes into account his opinion.



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