• The Harsh Mistress of the City
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Eugen is part of Rita Iglehaut's Garrison forces in Quinta District until she is tipped off that he might be connected with the resistance. He appears in the light novel Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 2.


Eugen is a broad and brawny soldier who possesses craggy features.


Eugen seems to feel for the oppressed in Quinta District, which leads him to side against Rita Iglehaut and discreetly support the resistance. However, he is unable to stand up against torture to avoid confessing his involvement.[1]


Eugen is third in rank in the Garrison, behind Rita Iglehaut and Amanda, following the abandonment of Quinta District. He is turned in to Rita by a fellow soldier from the same year as him for supporting the resistance. For this, she has him beaten to a bloody pulp out of the belief that a softer touch would not get him to confess the truth. Eugen admits to having leaked information about patrols and the Garrison guard detail to Mathias Kramer. However, Amanda suspects that Eugen's confession might not be entirely true so much as telling Rita what she wants to hear.[2]