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Event-Rich Junior High (イベント豊富系中学 Ibento Hōfu-kei Chūgaku?) is the 6th chapter of the 8th volume and the 58th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The annual drama festival is approaching, and Jean is able to secure a production for Classes 3 and 4 to perform that has won multiple times in the past; however, they soon learn it heavily favors Titan students while mocking the human students. After Jean and Eren both destroy the script multiple times, the two groups decide to develop an original production for the event.


Jean announces that the annual drama festival is approaching and reveals that Class 4 will be joining Class 3 to perform a single production. Sasha mentions that the winning production gets a prize before Jean goes on to say the two classes are going to do a production that has been the championship winner for the last several years; this causes Armin to nervously realize that more pressure will be put on them to do it justice.

As Jean continues to talk to the two classes, Armin begins reading the script; he soon becomes shocked when it is a Titan-heavy piece of propaganda that features Titans in a majority of scenes and mocks the human students. Knowing Eren will never agree to it, Armin panics when the latter asks to see the script. Despite Armin keeping it from Eren, Mikasa forcibly takes it and gives it to him. As expected, Eren tears the script apart, but Armin is surprised when Eren chastises Jean for going with a production that is boring.

Jean refuses to believe it but eventually after seeing past entries of the same production, agrees that he was wrong in choosing it. As the two classes figure out what to do next, Eren suggests they write and perform an original piece instead. Jean mentions that he knows what type of production Eren will write (featuring numerous belittling and annihilating the Titan students) but agrees to join, kicking the remains of the script that was torn up three times before it was set on fire.

However, the Class 4 teacher enters and reveals he overheard the entire thing. He refuses to allow them to break ranks and do an original production, though does agree that the first script was pretty bad. Eventually, he reconsiders and tells the classes that he will treat them if they are able to create something that will greatly impress the judges; as the two classes celebrate and prepare their script, someone is seen overhearing them from the hallway.

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