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Everybody Wants to Rule the School (誰もが中学生の時はモテたがる Daremoga Chūgakusei no Toki wa moteta garu?) is the 6th chapter of the 5th volume and the 38th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Life returns to normal (for the most part) at the school after the Culture Fair. Jealous over the popularity Eren has received, Jean decides to run for student body president. With several other candidates vying to win as well, Jean has to do everything he can if he hopes to win over the other students.


Jean remarks how much he has changed after the Culture Festival, believing he has won over most of the female student population during the Battle of the Bands. Hearing someone call out near him, he turns in excitement only to see they were addressing Eren. As Eren gets swarmed by several girls, Mikasa curtly pulls him away amidst some teasing by the onlookers.

As Jean wallows in self-pity, he is among many of the students who hear that the current student body president has stepped down due to some controversy. After hearing a spirited outburst from Eren, Jean decides to run for student body president. Taking Connie and Sasha to help get him through the nomination process, Jean leaves as Eren makes a passing insult at him.

Marlowe overhears several older students mock and ridicule the news club as he helps the student council prepare the election process. Jean arrives and declares his intentions of running and tries to convince Hitch that she should vote for him. They inquire as to his true reasons for running and Jean merely responds that he wants the entire school to finally see what he is capable of. As he starts his campaign, Jean has Connie and Sasha hand out leaflets, but none of the students walking by take one. Jean decides to move to another spot in the school, but Sasha warns him that the other candidates have staked out their territory and he will be encroaching upon it. Brushing off Sasha's concerns, Jean goes over but is immediately attacked by fellow candidate Rico; Jean then decides posters will be a more effective campaign tool (despite the other candidates putting theirs up much earlier than him). Oluo, another candidate running, chastises Jean for his absentmindedness; Jean merely responds by putting his posters on top of Oluo's.

Learning that running for office is harder than he imagined, Jean has Connie and Sasha leave while he regroups and comes up with a new plan. He decides to claim that the famous school band "No Name" gave him their endorsement; this causes Jean to skyrocket in popularity.

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