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Quote1.png You norms don't understand the loneliness of the overachiever. Quote2.png
— Oluo to his classmates

Everyone's After School (それぞれの放課後 Sorezore no Hōkago?) is the 3rd chapter of the 2nd volume and the 11th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Sasha is forced to stay with Connie after school to retake a test and Armin offers to help her study. Eventually, Armin is able to get Sasha to understand math, but she promptly forgets several hours later. The upperclassmen compare test results as well, with Levi getting pressured to give Hange money to buy food.


Armin volunteers to stay with Sasha after school

As the summer months begin, the students receive the results of a recent test. Sasha is crestfallen that she is stuck with Connie and has to retake the test, but Armin offers to stay after with her. They notice Connie never showed up and get started. Armin tries using food to explain math but this fails when Sasha gets distracted. Eventually, Sasha begins to grasp the idea but realizes that it is already night; after Armin goes home, Sasha heads home too but forgets everything Armin taught her by the time she reaches there.

Oluo begins acting up and notices Petra glancing away from him. Oluo gets upset and blurts out that he is worried about his scores not being high enough. Petra does not pay much attention to it (due to Oluo getting nothing but near-perfect scores in the past), causing the latter to become even more upset. After all the upperclassmen pull out their worst graded tests, everyone is surprised by Oluo's remarks due to having a much better grade than the others. Oluo makes a comment about being smarter, causing Petra to slap him.

Hange attempts to compromise with Levi

Hange and Levi compare scores also and Hange proposes the higher score treats the other. Levi, who narrowly received a higher mark than Hange, refuses. Hange responds by pulling some money out but this does nothing. She storms out and goes to ask some of the underclassmen; Hange returns with a bruised and beaten Eren and Jean, the latter two saying Hange attacked them and also body pressed Armin. They ask Levi to take Hange but Levi refuses. After dismissing them, Levi wonders why Hange has no money. He hears that since there are no members coming in for the biology club, Hange is forced to pay for all the equipment out-of-pocket, leaving no money for food. Hearing enough, Levi lends Hange some money but asks for it to be repaid when possible; he also gives Hange some fish food. This gesture backfires when Hange spends money on more equipment and asks Levi for money once again.

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