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The Executioner from Hell (地獄の処刑人 Jigoku no shokeinin?)[2] is a large device invented by Hange Zoë for the purpose of killing Titans without the need for soldiers fighting them or the use of cannons and other resources.


Hange's Executioner from Hell was first installed in the southern gate of Trost District. It is comprised of two parallel Walls grafted onto the outside of the gate with bars between them to prevent Titans from slipping in. There is a large pulley system with chains fixed atop the Walls that includes a large, heavy log with metal covered sides that rests on top of the Wall. This log is suspended from the pulleys by chains that are pulled by horses from the inner part of the Wall when the log is down.

The hardening abilities of Eren Yeager's Titan form are needed in order to build the structure. After the proof that the guillotine is a success, Eren decides to help build more of them, even when repeated use of his hardening power makes him feel weak.[3]


The system of the Executioner from Hell involves a soldier standing between the two small Walls on foot. This draws in nearby Titans and once one of the Titans puts their head between the Walls to try and get close to the soldier, a command is given and the weighted log is dropped at a high speed on its nape, killing it.[4] The log is then pulled back up into position by the horses and once the Titan's body has evaporated enough, they rerun the system.[5]


Royal Government arc

The Executioner from Hell kills a Titan for the first time

The first Executioner from Hell built in Trost is used to prove the effectiveness of the device. Hange invites several reporters and soldiers, so that they can see if the weapon is useful or not by testing it. Several Titans come after detecting a soldier inside the device. One of them, a 12 meter class, tries to enter between the parallel Walls.[6] When the Titan is in position, the signal is given and the log is launched, hitting the Titan on its weak spot.[7] After it hits, everybody is waiting for the confirmation of the kill. When it is confirmed that the Titan is dead, everybody celebrates it. Hange says that now they can kill Titans without risk, but is surprised to see Eren bleeding, due to the fatigue of his shifting training. However, Eren supports the building of these weapons because nobody would have to be eaten again.[8]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Just before the arrival of Spring, the announcement was made that the Executioner from Hell had successfully rid the area inside Wall Maria of Titans. One year after the Battle of Trost District, citizens were now able to repopulate Shiganshina District.[9]


The Military intended to install Hange's Executioner from Hell all over the Walls and use it to slowly kill off all the Titans within Wall Maria in preparation for the time that they are able to take it back.[10] Within nine months of its introduction, the Executioner from Hell had successfully accomplished this purpose.[9]


  • The Executioner from Hell is the first risk-free way to kill Titans that has ever been devised and successfully put into action.
  • With the destruction of the Walls due to the triggering of the Rumbling, it is likely that this weapon has been destroyed, as well.