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Fallout of Rebellion (逆乱の果て Gekiran no Hate?) is the 2nd chapter of the 9th volume and the 30th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


The rebellion has begun to falter and the Military Police Brigade begins to close in on the Dissidence Movement. The remaining members scramble to find a way out with their lives.

Elsewhere in the city, Kuklo narrowly avoids getting spotted by the Military Police and unexpectedly discovers a new way to utilize the device.


Kuklo defeats some of the rebels

As several Dissidence Movement rebels shoot at Kuklo, they are surprised that he has suddenly disappeared; looking up, they are taken aback by how Kuklo was able to evade them and are struck down. He approaches August, who frantically orders him to stay away while continuing to have Mai take Sharle and Xenophon away. Suddenly, they all hear a noise behind them and are horrified that the Military Police have arrived to their location. As both sides open fire, Kuklo ducks down and flies away.

August and Mai, along with a few surviving members of their group, eventually arrive at the Military Police headquarters. Mai asks Sharle if she knew who the boy was, and gets an angry look in return. As both Mai and August discuss their next path of action, a gunshot is heard. Baffled, August claims that Juli's forces should have taken full control of the building. Mai goes to investigate and is horrified to see Juli badly wounded. They both head back to August but Juli gets decapitated. Mai rushes to August and declares the operation a failure. August realizes that the Military Police troops must have been sent by outside the Industrial City and they are now hopelessly outnumbered. At the workshop, Xenophon and the other workers are mistaken for members of the movement and are fired upon by the Military Police. As they flee, August is informed that the Military Police have taken control of all the roads leading to the main street as well as to the gate. He is baffled on how his rebellion has fallen apart.

Kuklo rescues Sharle

As they climb to the top of the workshop, August spots Military Police heads Jentsch Dafner and Gloria Bernhart; he takes Sharle captive but Mai and the other movement members denounce his actions as idiocy. Gloria orders the MP's to go and retrieve both Xenophon and Sharle as August severs ties with the remaining Dissidence movement members. Xenophon gets knocked off the roof and Sharle saves him, but is knocked off as well. As she falls, Kuklo suddenly appears and saves her.

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