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Quote1.png Someday when I'm rich, will I be able to ride on an airship, too? Quote2.png
— Fay while looking at the airship in the sky[2]

Fay Jaeger (フェイ・イェーガー Fei Yēgā?) was the younger sister of Grisha Jaeger and as an Eldian, she grew up in the Liberio internment zone in Marley.


Fay had short, brown hair that barely reached her shoulders with messy bangs and dark eyes. She wore a flowing dress, a white scarf, and a coat, along with her respective armband.


Fay did not have much experience with the world at such a young age, needing Grisha to push her out of her comfort zones. She was an innocent child but oftentimes was dependent on her older brother to protect her. She saw the world with whimsy and delight, looking at the airship in the sky in awe.[2]


Fay and Grisha found the airship

After leaving their home, Fay and her brother Grisha stared up at the sky and saw an airship, which fascinated them. When the airship flew over their city limits wall, they followed it to the higher end of town, leaving their town without permission.[2] While searching for the airship, Fay and Grisha were hazed by the citizens who saw their armbands and were called the impurities of their region.

At the end of their search for the airship, Fay and Grisha found two Marleyan officers slacking off on a hill. The men intended to punish Grisha and Fay for trespassing and leaving the internment zone without an exit permit. After offering to take the burden for both of them, one of the men beat up Grisha while the other took Fay away. However, Fay was not present when Grisha returned home after his beating.

Fay's death

The next day, Fay's mutilated body was found by the riverbank. The officers who encountered the children met with their parents and told them that Fay was safely left at the border and that it was Fay's own fault for leaving in the first place. Grisha deduced that the men were lying and in no way was Fay's death her own fault. While their mother was overcome with sorrow, their father smiled at the men and told them he would better educate his son on the issue of leaving their town. Later, their father reeducated Grisha on their ancestors' evil past. However, Grisha explained that the Marley men were lying about Fay and when he began to say that he thought they had her killed, his father yelled at him for saying so, Grisha then returned this yelling by saying that he and Fay did nothing wrong.

Seven years later, Grisha joined the Restorationists after he received information which revealed that Fay was taken by the Marleyan officer who escorted her away that day and was eaten alive by dogs.[1]

Faye's death was later avenged as Eren Kruger, who was really an undercover member of the Eldian Restorationists, pushed Gross off the borderline wall of Paradis Island, which resulted in him getting slowly devoured by a Pure Titan.[1]


  • Grisha Jaeger - Grisha was Fay's older brother. As children, the two shared a close, loving relationship. Fay tended to hide behind him when she was afraid, displaying the trust Fay had for her brother. She cared for his well-being, crying when watching him being punished by a Marleyan officer from the Marley Public Security. Fay's death was what later inspired Grisha to join the Restorationists movement.[1]