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Felix Aufrecht (フェリクス・アウフレヒト Ferikusu Aufurehito?)[1] is a recruit of the Survey Corps.


Felix is a young man with silver hair neatly trimmed into a bowl cut. He wears a white button up shirt underneath the traditional uniform of the Training Corps, along with a bolo tie.

After participating in an expedition outside the Walls, Felix would end up having his lower right leg amputated after getting bitten and injured by a Titan.


Felix is very observant and proper in his mannerisms. He is able to quickly analyze the appearance of people and see things that are not easily noticed by others. Due to this, Felix can come off as being accusing to some people. Despite his quiet and unassuming demeanor, Felix is very protective of his friends and is willing to fight anyone who physically (or verbally) attacks them. Initially, Felix states his desire for joining the Survey Corps is to see the world beyond the Walls,[2] but also later reveals his primary desire to join is to protect his friend Rosa who he harbors a crush on.[3]


Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

Rosa introduces Felix and the others to Kuklo

Felix, along with his friends, found an unconscious teen while on a routine training exercise. They brought him to a cabin to heal while they attended the nearby Training Corps academy. After hearing from his friend Rosa that the teen is conscious, Felix and the others return and officially meet Kuklo. He notices Kuklo's injuries and bluntly asks how he received them, receiving some backlash from Rosa. After Ivo states that Kuklo cannot be seen by others if he has got a secret, Felix brings up the fact that instructor Jorge Pikale's arrival in a few weeks will resolve the issue. When they all share with Kuklo their reasons for wanting to join the Survey Corps, Felix mentions that he wants to see the world outside the walls. When Felix hears Rosa's intentions, he bemusedly realizes that Rosa plans to use Kuklo to change her mother's mind on Rosa joining the Corps. Felix resolves, along with the others, to do their best to convince both Jorge and Carlo Pikale that they are worthy to join the Survey Corps.[4]

Felix punches one of the other trainees

Later on, Felix and his entire squad volunteer to take part in the special training regimen for joining the Survey Corps. During their first exercise, Felix notices the backpacks they must carry are loaded with heavy sandbags. While running, Felix notes it is hard for them to pace themselves due to not knowing their final destination; he then spots Rosa falling unconscious behind them due to dehydration.[5] While Ivo goes on ahead, Felix and the others help Rosa back. In the mess hall that night, he overhears another group of trainees mocking them and laughing about how Rosa passed out. Suddenly Felix goes over and punches one of the tormentors in the face; this sparks a fight between the two groups and earning them all a night in the guardhouse as punishment.[6]

Several days pass and the recruits are informed that the training regimen is being altered, being directed to the center of the training area. Looking at the aptitude devices, Felix theorizes that they must have something to do with the device training. As several recruits try to pass the test, Felix sees Ivo manage to succeed; during his turn, however, Felix panics and gets tangled in the wires while desperately trying to regain his balance. Dejected, Felix mentions that he is unfit to use the device and sits with Rosa and Kai, who also failed the test.[7]

Felix reveals that he wants to protect Rosa

Later on, Felix takes part in the second selection process, but fails once again while both Rosa and Kai manage to pass. That night during dinner, Felix becomes surprised when Rosa apologizes for her recent actions and admits that Felix and the others were trying to help her but were brushed aside.[8] Accepting the apology, Felix notes that Rosa managed to overcome her fear of the Titans and congratulates Rosa for passing; however, he still voices concerns over her facing the Titans in battle. After hearing Rosa agree and vow to still travel beyond the Walls, Felix vows to pass during the final test period. He also mentions his main reason for fighting is to protect Rosa;[9] this surprises Ivo and causes both Kai and Hugo to start laughing. Rosa, blushing in embarrassment, quickly leaves while Felix tries to convince her to stay. The next day, Felix looks dejectedly on as both Rosa and Kai are given sets of vertical maneuvering equipment; fortunately, Felix and the remaining seven trainees pass the final round of testing soon after and are given their own sets of equipment.[10]

During a practice session with a 10m Titan dummy, Felix notices Rosa getting injured after experiencing an issue with her equipment. Leaving his training group, Felix rushes over but is kept back by Kuklo; after hearing one of the straps were damaged on Rosa's equipment, Felix immediately believes it was intentional and angrily makes it known.[11] Carlo comes over and, after cancelling the training session, punishes Felix for his comments and leaving his group without permission. Later that night, Felix remains insistent that it was a deliberate act of sabotage and chastises Ivo for suggesting otherwise.[12] When Kai suggests they watch the maintenance room and catch the culprit themselves the following night, Felix immediately agrees and resolves to find the perpetrator and make him pay for injuring Rosa.[13] Although Felix and the others are caught by Kuklo, he allows them to come along.

Felix reflects on the actions of the saboteurs

After they reach the maintenance room, Felix faintly sees Xavi of the Military Police and immediately believes he is the culprit; he charges in but is easily beaten by the latter. He is surprised to see that the ones behind the sabotage are the same ones who had earlier teased Rosa.[14] As Kai bemoans how they are being forced to stay in the guardhouse, Felix casually mentions that it is a justifiable punishment for sneaking out and disobeying an order.[15] He then goes on to say while he certainly does not approve of the actions taken by the former recruits, he understands the motivation behind the act; those in the general class were jealous of the treatment they believed the special training class were being given, and wanted to get back at them for essentially being left behind.[16]

Survival Expedition arc

Along with all the other trainees, Felix is officially accepted by Carlo into the Survey Corps. After they travel to Shiganshina District to complete the preparations, Felix is surprised (and glad) to hear that Rosa was selected to be one of the expedition's Team Leaders.[17] While the new soldiers celebrate, Felix asks Rosa who could have seen her being selected as one of the Team Leaders. Then, he drunkenly proclaims in a loud voice that he will protect Rosa by becoming Team Leader for the next expedition before falling out of his chair onto the floor.[18] After Kai, Kurz and several others chime in that they will become a team leader too someday, Felix groggily asks Rosa to make him earn the right to succeed her before passing out.

Felix is injured by a Titan ambush

After riding out with the other Survey Corps soldiers, Felix observes with the others the destroyed remains of Teams Seven and Eight. As Teams Nine and Ten both ride towards the 10km oasis, they are set upon by a Titan.[19] After they manage to defeat it, Felix is among those who begin celebrating their success; however, he spots a Titan sneaking up on Rosa. Felix quickly springs into action and pushes her aside, getting grabbed instead. The Titan begins chewing on Felix's leg only for it to be quickly killed by Kuklo.[20] Felix is rendered unconscious and is incapacitated during the rest of the expedition, but he manages to survive and return back to Shiganshina.

His mangled leg is later amputated, but it does not deter Felix in the slightest as he lost it protecting Rosa from a Titan. Despite having lost a limb, Felix plans to stay within the Survey Corp as an instructor, teaching new recruits how to operate and handle the vertical maneuvering equipment.[21]


  • Kuklo - Although at first wary of Kuklo due to his reluctance to share much of his history, Felix quickly notices how skilled and courageous Kuklo is, justifying his secretive nature. After hearing that his device will be a weapon to fight Titans, Felix strives to become part of the Survey Corps so he can accomplish his dream of traveling outside the Walls.
  • Jorge and Carlo Pikale - Felix holds Jorge Pikale in high regards and, similar to Kai, wishes to serve in the same Military branch as him. As the head of the Survey Corp and the training program, Felix views Carlo in a similar light, trusting that the sudden changes in the curriculum were for a reason.
  • Rosa Carlstead - While Felix values the friendship of his four squad-mates, he has a special connection with Rosa and harbors a crush on her. When several other trainees mocked Rosa's abilities during a special training session, Felix immediately went over and defended her honor by punching one of them in the face, starting a large-scale fight. The night before the expedition took place, while drunk, Felix also loudly proclaimed that he will protect Rosa no matter what by becoming a Team Leader himself someday.