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Fell Blade in the Royal Capital (王都の兇刃 Ōto no Kyōjin?) is the 1st chapter of the 17th and final volume and the 61st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Xavi prepares himself to fight a Titan for the first time as teams nine and ten arrive at the oasis. While Kuklo and Cardina discuss with team leaders Barna and Carlstead their next move, a shocking development occurs at the capital regarding Gloria and her uncle Bauduin, the Vice Commander of the Military Police.


Xavi discovers several Titan footprints

As the Titan before him finishes devouring a Survey Corps soldier, Xavi nervously backs up while keeping his hand gripped tightly on his sword. He is left confused when it gets up and lumbers away without trying to devour him; he scoffs at himself for being afraid of it, but does note that the comments Gloria made about them were correct. Noticing the footprints left behind, Xavi wonders what became of the other soldiers. Brushing it off as them being eaten by the Titan, Xavi turns around and goes in the opposite direction of the Titan.

Teams nine and ten arrive at the 10km oasis

Teams nine and ten arrive at the oasis ten kilometers away from the Wall. Simon Barna calls Rosa along with Kuklo and Cardina to him to discuss their next move. The horse tracks tell Simon that Carlo and the rest of the teams made it and asks Rosa for their orders. Recalling that a designated area at the oasis was set aside for their base, Cardina suggests they go there first. Kuklo studies the air and senses there are no Titans near that he knows of; however, he recommends they move quickly due to Titans being able to smell humans. Both teams mount up and continue riding on ahead.

Gloria talks with her uncle about her recent summons

In the capital, Gloria is riding in a carriage with her uncle Bauduin and mentions that he did not call her to merely attend a social event. Prying further, she learns his decision to disband the Survey Corps is set despite not getting any results in from Xavi. She continues to insist they wait until results come in before deciding, mentioning that the device in question is a legitimate resource in their efforts to beat the Titans; the carriage stops and Bauduin asks Gloria to accompany him on foot the rest of the way to their stop. As Gloria steps out, a beggar suddenly stabs her in the stomach; recognizing the man as Moritz Hellmesberger, Gloria is shocked to see he is still alive. Moritz is then shot in the head by Bauduin, who laughs at his niece as she lays on the ground dying from blood loss.

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