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Final Battle! The Wall Beautification Contest (決戦、壁美化大会 Kessen, Kabe Bika Taikai?) is the 5th chapter of the 6th volume and the 45th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


As both teams prepare themselves for the Wall Beautification challenge, District 2 tries to get a head start by tampering with the Wall Beautification Club's equipment; while they are scared off, Mikasa ends up getting taken out and unable to participate. Fortunately, Levi joins the group to take part in the challenge; meanwhile, Kenny Ackerman is made aware of Levi joining and sends out two scouts to scope the team out.


After they clean the graffiti off the Wall, many of the Wall Beautification Club members notice their gear is damp and suspect someone has tampered with it; one of the District 2 members reveal they used copious amounts of hand cream on the broom and squeegees. Rico speaks for her Club and refuses to back out of the challenge. As the two sides square off against the other, Levi and Hange hear the commotion nearby and spot various cleaning supplies raining down nearby.

Eren is cornered by two District 2 members and is beaten with a broom. Mikasa sees this and glares at the group before charging; she eventually slips and falls, only to become even more enraged. The District 2 members decide to target the weaker members before going after Mikasa; just then, Levi arrives and teams with Mikasa to intimidate the District 2 team to retreat. As they fight among themselves if they could have succeeded on their own, Levi inquires if the other group were from the 2nd District school; upon hearing the reason for them arriving, Levi notices Mikasa was hurt and Rico begins to fear they do not stand a chance of winning. Levi volunteers to do it himself; when they protest he does not know how to use the equipment, Levi merely responds that he understands how to use it and that the concept of a massive cleaning competition is too big for him to pass up.

Back at the 2nd District school, Kenny Ackerman chastises the group for retreating and losing; he learns from Traute Caven about Mikasa getting injured and that another student has joined them. While Kenny applauds them for taking out their biggest challenge on the opposing team, he still fires them from the group and has both Isabel and Furlan eliminate them. Upon Traute inquiring about his tone, Kenny reveals that he knows of Levi and that both Isabel and Furlan were trained by Levi.

As they practice cleaning techniques, Levi effortlessly cleans the suds and streaks off the walls. He criticizes Rico for doubting herself and tells her to have faith in them. As Levi goes and beats Eren for being sloppy, Rico notes that while Levi joined due to cleaning, he only did so upon hearing that their opponents were from District 2. As they continue, both Isabel and Furlan look from the ground and comment how they will eventually see Levi in action.

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